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    Not getting confidence to go out

    The lock down situation is almost eased in Hyderabad and only in containment zones there is total lock down and no one is allowed to move. Though the Secunderabad area is fully free and people have started moving during the day, I am not getting the confidence to move out of the house for obvious reasons. There are every chance of danger of spreading and therefore why to crowd the road in the initial days of curb easing is my way of thinking. But that is getting me to lazy mode over the days and probably when everyone would go out of the house, that day would be decisive.
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    Actually easing of lockdown has nothing to do with going out because the lockdown is being relaxed for the economy and business things to come back and start their journey towards their revival path. The threat of the virus is as it is and we cannot even say that it is contained. In fact it is slowly increasing in its severity although it is not following the same trend as it happened in Italy, Spain or US. So, you are very right in your threat perception and I also feel that unnecessarily going out is to be curtailed especially for the seniors and children. But morning walk in isolation along a deserted road or less crowd park can be attempted if you are in a green zone.
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    True. Today I have the plan to go out and meet the MD of a company. But my wife and sons objected for my going out. They why you should go out. If he wanted any information you can give him on the phone. But why to go to his office. Many people may be visiting him and maybe sitting before him. Now you have to go sit in the same chair. We don't what risk is involved in that. I have no option other than postponing my trip. I informed the other person that I am not coming today. Many of the people are in that mindset only. That is why people who are aware of the consequences are not venturing out. But employees and other people who have to earn their food are forced to go out.
    As mentioned by the author Lazyness may increase. But no alternative. Let us take up some work in the house only which involves some physical work. Then laziness will also go. Let us wait till this month-end. Still, new cases are coming and there is no indication that the situation is under control. Let us be more careful and go out only if it is an absolute necessity.

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    Start slowly attending tasks one by one. Keep outside exposure short. Begin with the nearest shop. Buy something necesary for home.Use good mask properly. Keep a small bottleof anitiser with you. Keep exposure to other people and proximity to the minimum. Kep every outing to maximumhalf an hour.
    On return to home also take all the prescribed preventive steps. Hand washing, Disposing used clothes carefully and washing, taking bath, washing mask properly,etc.

    Instead of going to crowded and busy shops shop with nearer shops and smaller traders.

    But keep confidence thinking about the positives. The negatives are only a very small percentage. Positive are maximum. Take immune boosting foods which by now you wll be quite familiar.

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