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    Participation in contests is not always for winning!

    Whenever some contests and competitions are there, people jump and participate in them and the main motivation is that we hope that we would win in it. Sometimes we win also but it is not necessary that we would win every time. Let me explain it in a simple way. Say there are some 30-40 numbers of good writers who are all good in their composition and their capabilities and abilities in the field of writing is almost neck to neck and now assume that there is a competition and contest every week where all of them participate then the question comes as who would get the prize. The judges would go through the entries and give some judgement though is some cases it is very difficult to judge when the competition is neck to neck or say cut throat. In such a scenario no judge would agree to award prize to the same fellows again and again and that is right as all the good contributors should get the award more often periodically. Please remember that whether we get the award or not we have to participate in these periodical contests (I am talking in general and not specifically about ISC contests) because if we do not participate in them then these would eventually cease to exist and even the winners would be deprived of their prizes in that frequent fashion.
    So I strongly feel that we should participate without bothering for the reward or award. That itself is a great contribution for survival of the contests. What do you think?
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    I agree a hundred per cent with the author. We should participate and we may win or may not win. We should try and we should be positive and with a view of winning the competition only we should participate. We may win and we may not win. Sometimes when we see some sites (Not ISC) we can't understand how they have decided the winner. But we should not get worried about that.
    But I have seen some members here, they will participate in contests only. They never contribute normally. Then will be seen only in contests only. I feel that is also not correct. We should contribute normally also. It is a suggestion but not a complaint. Ultimately it is the decision of the individual. If more members participate in discussion more new points will come and the learning will be good for the members. Actually, we will have an interest in the discussion if more people participate.

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    If a participant do not have the aim of contesting he cannot give his 100% . Without giving his best there is no use in participating the contest. One thing the participant has to keep in his mind is , one should not repent if they lose the contest that will effect his interet of participating further. So one has to take of winning or loosing the contest sportively.

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    One participates due to some motivation. That may be the prize, money, some bonus weightage in admission or job, or the thrtill of attempting and bringing out one's own talents and capabilities in front of others. So obviously all cannot participate in all contests.
    However particpation also gves one some experience and opportunityto fine tune one's native raw abilities towards winning also.
    If participation is less that means the contest does not have suffficient motivating factors in it. Non-particpation also may come from certain demotivating xperiences too.

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    I have observed that some people are not very active in the forum, Articles and other sections but they take interest in contests not because of prizes but due to the interest in participating in a newer and challenging activity. So, it would depend on the person as what are his choices in this regard. Further, if a person takes part in a contest, he aspires for prize also as getting prize is not only a monetary gain but gives a satisfaction of haven performed well. That is very comfortable feeling. Many members in ISC might be realising such satisfaction by participating in the contests.
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    The change in subject choosen for the contests is the key for bringing active participation of members in such contests. The time specified or the cut out off date scheduled also drags the members to prove their writing skills and knowledge based information through such competitive contests.
    Participation is important than getting a prize. There is always a connectivity bond arising in this site whether the members had participated in a contest or they were the co-winners, or three ideas matched. Sometimes one person's writing skills grabs the attention of other member. Hence the participation is also interlinked with the number of participants.

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    I want to add here that generally the members would be participating to get an award or sometimes appreciations for their work. In this context, I have noted one thing which is unique in ISC and is a very encouraging one that even if someone does not get the award as announced in the contest thread, one gets some cash credit depending upon the quality of one's content. This I have been observing in many contests where we do not get the I, II or III award but get good cash credits of course commensurate with our quality. So members should keep that aspect also in mind that some compensation to their work is already being made by ISC in that fashion and I appreciate this gesture of ISC as many times I had been benefited like that. I also agree with author that every time the same person would not win and considering all these points in perspective I strongly feel that we should participate in the contests in a large number. Whether we get an award or not is of secondary consideration. What we are forgetting is by participating we are sharpening our writing skills only so we are only being benefited.
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    As humans, we always want something and participating in competition is a way of getting things. It does not mean only prize, money, cup, certificate, etc but it also helps them to have the frame of it. Participating in a competition does not always mean "Winning" or "Losing" but about what each competition teaches. Some competition gives good experience and some bitter. There are some judge who is loyal and try their best to give correct judgement whereas some us that post to favor their interested contestant which adds a black mark on other contestants. We all might have witnessed it ourselves and it applies brake and thus hesitates to participate.

    Every competition is an learning experience. Some teaches us to fight, some to focus, some to try something new, some to bring out the creative side in you, some to defend, some to retaliate, some to forget, some to know our own flaws, some our dedication and some teaches us that it takes effort and time to organize. Let us take the best from each contest or competition and try our best to participate if it provides an interest and help the organisor and our self a chance to make it better.

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    I remember when I was in school, our teachers would ask us to participate in as many competitions as possible. Round the year different competitions were announced from time to time such as sports events, essays, speeches, drawing, fancy dress competitions and others. They asked us to enter our names in the list and deliver our best. We hesitated as there were only a few of us who would excel in everything. Majority of us had only interests in one or two fields, and thus, we would participate in only those events.

    Teachers would encourage us by saying that participation is more important than winning. I never understood what they meant with that, until later in my life. Now, I feel the same. I understand their words clearly. Participation and giving our best is in our hands. Thus, all we have to do is participate. Winning or losing isn't is our hands and thus, leave it on judges of the contest. If we keep an eye on reward or judges judgement, we may not be able to concentrate on our work. Thus, participate and leave everything aside.

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    I have a different opinion here. I think everyone who participates in any competition or contest must do so with the aim of winning the same. If one does not aim at winning, his preparation for the same and the efforts put in will be lacking and that will reflect in the outcome which will ultimately affect the quality of the entire proceedings. So, anyone who decides to participate in any competition or contest must always aim at winning the same. Yes, the result should not be allowed to affect our passion or zeal. Losing in competition must not make us feel that we cannot do it. We must take it as an experience and try to better ourselves so that we keep improving. Be it be any game or sports or any other competition or contest, we all get into the field to win only very well knowing that we may lose. So, that should be the spirit; putting in your best with an aim to win even when you are well aware that you may lose.

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