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    Would you like to grow hair and nails?

    Some people when we see they grow their hair heavily and nails very long. Usually they grow like that in the name of fashion. But so many feel it inconvenient and trim them regularly. I too I feel it so inconvenient and reduce them as early as possible. I feel even it is good for health. If nails are grown long, dirt will remain under the nails that cause diseases. What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing hair and nails according to your opinion. Share your experiences with this issue. In young age I used to grow hair a little bit but never nails.
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    I do not like to grow nails or hair.
    During my youth I had to go to saloon once in twenty days . Now that my hairline is fast receding and the stock has become thin, I visit only once in forty five days. That also only because the side hair curl by groth and looks like the popular cartoon boy. I have never seen my finger nail growing beyond a millimeter. Even without my knowing my teeth does that job. That had landed me many times in difficult situation with nail-bite infection. I used to get scolding from my doctor for this many times. But as habits die hard and bad habits hardly, I am still continuing with this habit.
    I use nail cutter for trimming toe nails, but now as bending and curling is a bit strenuous for me now, my wife trims my toe nail, murmuring that she need not ask about my finger nails and warning me not to do. This drama goes on.

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    Growing nail is one way good as it prevent the habi of biting the nails. Similarly growing hair also good to some level. But proper maintenance should be there in both cases. Ladies can grow nails to a good level and if they apply mehandi(grinding the leaves and not ready made) it seems tobe great. Actually applying this type of mehandhi is good for health as it reduce body heat. I grow long nail only in the thumbs.

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    Nails has to be trimmed every week. Children at younger days over look this habit and are not able to get it trimmed by themselves. Parents has to take care as they play in mud and outside most time of their day. As they grow as youths the same trimming habit changes to growing of nails. Growing nails becomes a passion decorated with colourful nail art through various nail polishes readily available in the markets. These trends are mostly followed by girls. Boys too grow the nail on the little finger and thumb finger sometimes.
    Hair style is well established in girls and boys. Some long haired people expect short cut and short hair people expect to grow long hair with various ready made oils as well follow their grandparents instructions to grow hair.
    Long hairs are also sold in the parlours, it is part of business and a handsome income for some experts in this field.
    Hence in conclusion if you grow nails you will suffer health problems whereas if you grow hair, you can make some petty cash for your expenses.

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    In our family tradition it is bad to grow more hair or lengthy nails. By growing hair it not only creates heaviness to the head and also brings lies into it and maintaining the hair for every week is the cumbersome process to which everyone may not be accustomed. Keeping the hair to minimum size would also have the easy feeling and the area above the shoulder should have the less hair as per the military norms because the fresh air should touch nape area and that is reason being so we see uniform cutting of hair in military trainees. And growing nails is the sign of bad omen in some homes and they will not tolerate lengthy nails persons. Moreover maintaining the lengthy nails is impossible as it may get broken through the daily works. For me keeping the heavy hair and long nails are not liked and cut the same regularly.
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    I never like long hair and long nails. I go for hair cutting regularly. But for that last two months, I am not able to go for cutting. This is making me a little worried. I feel it is not safe to go to a saloon these days. We may have to wait for a little more time.
    Long nails are very inconvenient. There are many chances for unwanted materials to get accumulated in our body. So we should trim our nails regularly and see that no waste is getting accumulated there. So to avoid this problem it is always advisable to cut the nails and keep them as small as possible,
    In summer long hairs are very irritating and we can't withstand the heat. So we should see that we will not allow the nails or the k

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    Hair were always a part of beauty in the ancient times especially in the females though some scholars and saints also had it for creating the personality image in public. Otherwise nails and hair are generally a fashion trend as well as an identity crisis for many of the people in society. Personally speaking I have no interest in having long hair or long nails. I feel inconvenient with them. Traditionally or historically the ancients had a trend of keeping them and probably at that time much facilities were not there to get cut or trim them. But now all sort of gadgets are available to manage them so there should not be a problem in getting them trimmed.
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