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    Let us encourage the traditional goods too

    The good old earthern pots are back in business. If we boil the drinking water, cool it and then store it in these vessals, the summer blues of tiredness and thrist can be minimised to some extent.

    Those who have RO water facilities in their houses are now being warned that such RO water is not good for health at all. One is told that the Govt may even totally ban RO water. Since I have been using it for more than a decade, I stiil use RO water drinking and the earthern pots keep it naturally cool. We ought to encourage juste bags too. That is, anything that does not harm the environment and is useful to the society at large. The aluminium vessals will never ever go out of business. In those of villages, cooking is done only in aluminium vessals for three months and then one is told that the aluminium vessals are discarded. One does not know how far these vessals are healthy for cooking.

    However, let us buy, as usual, the traditional goods and ensure that traders live their normal lives.
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    It may ot be possible or prudent to go bac to old life styles.
    But whereever it can be practical and convenient we can do that. We cannot go back to cooking in earthern vessels as we are now using LPG , induction cooker and microwave ovens. But keeping water in an earthern pot may be possible.
    So we have to explore such slots whre we can fit the old styles within modern style also.

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    Wherever possible we should use old type storage and other materials and should not discard them as being old fashioned. We can go for an intelligent mix of them so that our cultural ties are also preserved and if it is a useful technique why not to adopt it again even in this modern age. Modern gadgets are very useful, effective and time saving devices but they have their hidden inherent dangers for the human health. Some of these are degrading the environment also and it is our duty to minimise their use in our routine life. If we do not preserve our environment then figuratively we can say that it would also not bother for our well being.
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    Now the rainy season is ahead and if we start using earthen pots, we may tend to catch cold. Earthen pots are better in summer season, it is good for health too.
    Many few people are using these earthen pots. One of the best selling ice-cream company has used this idea to sell ice cream earthen pots to reduce on plastic and save environment.
    Cooking with these pots is a cumbersome and time consuming tedious job even though the health benefits are supportive.

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    May be post corona total curbs removed we may have to live with simple and may even go for the traditional vessels and items like the earthen pots, steel vessels, aluminium vessels, brass and copper vessels. The copper vessels can pure the water and the water content would be good for the health. The food prepared in aluminium or lead coated, the food would be good for health and tasty. The curd kept in earthen pots would be strong as the water residue if any would be evaporated or discarded by the earthen pots. Even the curries prepared in earthen pots would taste good. May be we would asked to use the firewood as the source of cooking the food and for that also we must be ready to change ourselves as the traditional usage is still prevalent in the village and we the urban people need to change a lot.
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    We may not be able to go back to 100% age-old methods of living. Is it possible these days to have wells and take water manually from those wells? Is it possible to have coal-fired stoves and stoves using wood for heating? But we can do some changes which are possible. We can have earthen pots to store water which is good for drinking. We need not keep water in refrigerators for getting it cold. We can use earthen glasses for drinking water. We can use banana leaves for eating food. We can use copper or brass vessels for cooking. These can be practised
    RO water is pure water without any minerals in it. RO water is of no nutrition value and drinking it is not like drinking normal water. It is better to avoid RO water. Otherwise, you should add some minerals to this RO water. If the water is good and not very hard you can drink the water as it is just by filtering Otherwise, boiled and cooled water will be a better option than RO water.

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    The best way of drinking boiled water instead of expecting RO water or buying packed water. The laziness in boiling the available water is the main reason for expecting RO water and mineral water. The first has never failed but the RO instrument may fail or the delivery of package water may delayed. In such situations our mind will not accept to drink the boiled water.

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