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    It is high time to change our life style

    Virus attack is world wide in many forms and threat is wider than anything.
    In this situation as a citizen of cultured country we,if change our life style,can prevent forthcoming unforseen epidemics.They are not new but forgotten by us.
    1.Having oil bath (whole body) twice in a week. Wednesday and saturday for gents & tuesday and friday for ladies.
    2. One day in a month stop taking non-veg foods preferably on the days taking oil bath.

    3.once in week taking medicinal leaves such as basil,karpooravalli and neem tender leaves with ajwain and little salt. This can be taken by grinding well and can be taken in early morning in empty stomach.
    4.Going to bed before 10 pm and wake up by 5.30 am
    5. Having breakfast before 8.30 am, lunch by 1.00 pm and dinner before 9.00 pm
    On no account we should postpone or skip by saying 'no time' as we find time to watch mobile/tv/computer.
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    A noble and ideal thought, Ramachandran ji
    .But it is not at all going to be practised. The temptataion and convnience not to follow these healthy life styles are so strong that we will read and forget such good sugestions. We do not learn even by suffering.
    The existing strict guidelines during lockdown may go on for some more time. Probably wearing mask may stay because that is going to be a fashion statement also.
    We can only wish that at least a few go back to some wise old habits. That much good if it happens.

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    There is no substitute of good habits. Once inculcated they go a long way in our lives. It is also true that it is difficult to control our attractions to the worldly matters especially outdoor eating but due to the risk looming over our head we are not able to decide about these indulgences. The life style has already changed a lot and is going to change drastically in the coming times. We do not have any alternative except changing our life style to accommodate and abide the rules being dictated by this hidden authority. Humans have great survival history and soon a drug for this menace would be searched and introduced in the market.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Our elders have been trying to build their own practices as suggested by author but the improvement and changes in the economy drags us towards its clutches. We stand-in between the family and job, which is a never ending battle of survival.
    Lead the leader

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    Our life style has already changed and we are not going out and hence there is no junk food entering our body since two months. Across India there is no emergencies sought for other diseases and only corona virus is being treated. And this proves that the changed eating habit and life style has also decreased the diseases across the country. Those who are chronic heart patients and sugar patients are keeping normal health as no outside food is ever seen these days. And when ample rest is taken during the day and having good sleep in the night proves that the body has accepted the changed life style and everyone seems to be happy with the present condition. Most of them have gone down as unnecessary fats are reduced and there is no snacks eating outside the home and even the money is saved for many.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many of the points mentioned by the author are being practised in our family.
    1. We take oil bath twice a week that is on Saturday and Thursday without fail.
    2. We never take nob vegetarian. We are pure vegetarians.
    3, We will go to bed maximum by 10.30 PM and will get up a maximum of 6 AM.
    4, We take powders made with medicinal leaves daily at the beginning of the lunch along with a small quantity of rice.
    5. We never skip breakfast and we will take between 8.30 AM to 9,00 AM, Lunch and dinner will be as per our timings. Sometimes we skip dinner and we will have some fruits on some days.
    This we are following from long and never miss the routine. Earlier we used to use soapnuts for head bath. But these days we are using shampoo only.
    We have no major health problems and leading a simple life. I think we will continue the same so that we will be safe and healthy.

    always confident

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    Changing our life style the way as the author has proposed isn't going to be materialized. Adopting the life style of our father/grandfather is feasible for us but for generation Z it's impossible. They would prefer to commit suicide instead of going back 50 years ago-life style. However, just for sake of fun they can do anything.

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