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    White collared competing with poor labourers for job in MGNREGAS

    I was surprised and shocked to read a news report "Teachers, Techies Who Made 1 Lakh Turn MGNREGA Labourers".
    The Hyderabad datelined news report was about a teacher couple and software techie couple joining as manual labourers in the
    MGNREGA scheme .
    Due to lockdown they did not get their salary for two months.
    A lot of questions and doubt cropped up in my mind in this regard. Are we so much vulnerable? Even the white collared? Are we not keeping any savings even to meet emergencies? Where has our traditional habit and culture of home saving either as cash or kind gone?

    What are your views and take on this?
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    Normally good salaried people would not resort to join such jobs including under the MGNREGA until unless there are some serious compulsions to do so. Nowadays there are many news items whose sources are also doubtful and we cannot believe it until it is confirmed from an authentic sources. Generally people having good jobs would always save for a rainy day and prolong in such situations for a few months easily. Anyway, if it is true it is really an alarming situation and shows the massive unemployment created in this pandemic situation.
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    I saw it in in the net. News date 20th May 2020.

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    It may be temporary setback for some who lost the jobs for various reasons but that does not mean the white colored people are seeking employment under MGNREGA . As the construction works was started well before the manufacturing companies given nod for the start of works, many be some enthusiastic software engineers opted for the labors offer in the above scheme. Hyderabad is not that worst to say that there is employment problem. This setback is across the world and those who lost the jobs will also be called back and this can also happen. One more thing as I have seen some companies seeking employees for their different jobs and the interviews are online. So there need not be panic as told by the author and everything would come to normalcy once the curbs lifted fully on 31st May this year.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many white collared job holders in the private sector are getting very low salaries. In small companies they work and with the salary they get, they manage. If there is a delay in getting their salary, the can't pay even the house rent. I know many such employees who are getting monthly Rs.20,000/- net take-home pay. They have to pay minimum Rs.6000/- to Rs.7000/- house rent and then all other expenses with the remaining salary. Where is the question of savings for them? For such people, no salary for a month is very difficult.
    They are not eligible to get any help from the government as their income levels are above poor people. So for them no way except going for a daily wage work only. Many companies in Hyderabad failed to pay salaries to their employees during this lockdown. Some companies paid 50% of salary only. So many are having this problem. Like in the USA, if the government pays salaries to private employees also, we can avoid this problem.

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