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    Identify your competitor and move ahead in life.

    Have you ever checked who is competing along with you in the exams of life or the exams for building your career? If you can search your competitor, it will be the best student, the best industrialist, the best doctor, the best parent, the best minister etc.

    Any career for that matter depends on your competitor. When there is a competition you tend to give your best else you are in an ocean with no oars in a boat. Once you identify your competitor, your oars will be visible making your goals clear. You would row your boat quickly to reach the shore without worrying about the hardships you will be taking on the paths ahead.

    Can you tell me, if possible, who, in your life or at ISC in particular, has made an impact (positive only please) in improving your credentials? What are the qualities that influenced you? Your replies are welcome.
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    It would not be wise to name the members or Editors who have influenced us or motivated us or were the role models for us as well as those who offended us and discouraged us and demotivated us as that would lead to the reflections of a prejudiced mind and create a bad atmosphere but I can at least tell that there are many excellent members in ISC and some of them we are not seeing nowadays as they have certain other priorities or age related deficiencies, who created a bench mark for us and invoked us for competing. When you are in a competitive world you would find people of all sorts depending upon your aspirations. If our aspirations are positive and progressive we would compete with the stars and when our aspirations are to let down others then also we would learn bad traits from some of the members who have expertise in that field. So, it actually depends on our own mindset and attitude that we find the appropriate competitors for ourselves.
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    If one think that he or she must overcome or break the own record, that is the best form of competition. That means instead of comparing and competing with others, be a self probed person and improve upon the situation even by little progress than previous achievement is the great to cherish. There is a athlete in our colony and she keeps on running daily to improve upon the best than the yesterday performance. She keeps the clock and matches the performance with every run she achieved and even few seconds she could finish before the dead line is the great achievement for her. She has already gone national level in sprint and trying for place in international arena and for such sportsperson improving the self performance or the past records will alone give them the satisfaction that they have improved upon than others.
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    It is not necessary to mention the name, you can mention the good qualities which has made a positive impact on you, express your experiences in words.
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    During my high school studies, I had a friend. He is a friend but he was a competitor always for me. In every examination, if he is getting the first highest mark, I will be getting the second-highest mark. If I was getting the first highest mark he will be getting the second-highest mark. We were in the same section. But we used to go for tuition to different teachers. From Class 6th to Class 10th, it continued. In intermediate he selected BPC and I took MPC.
    Then when I joined my Ph D, the same year another person also joined with the same guide. We both are friends. We used to compete with each other in work and we want to complete the work at the earliest. We both completed the work within 2 years 6 months. But I am the first to submit the thesis. I submitted after completing 3 years and my friend submitted after a month later. I used to enjoy that competition and I always tried to be the front runner.

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