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    What is the benefit of drinking water stored in copper containers?

    In the past, we used to have many copper containers, vessels and boilers in our houses. Later they were replaced by Aluminium and steel articles. Our grandparents used to drink water stored in copper utensils and vessels. After a gap, we are now seeing people using copper bottles to store water and drink. What do you think about this change in the attitude of people? Is there a scientific reason for using copper bottles or is it a business tactic of the manufacturers? Please share your opinion with your obvious reasons.
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    What I was told by elders that in those days the copper containers were used as the drinking water source through which there are many health benefits. The foremost is the digestion of the food which we eat. In those days when the death anniversaries and ceremonies were performed the food served to the Swamis are of high order and have the gastric effect also and when they are served the hot water in the copper vessels , it gives them the comfort and they keep their stomach free from ache or side effects. And for the BP patient the water from the copper containers would give them the comfort and their pressure would be kept minimum. Moreover the taste of the water would be different when we drink the same water through stainless steel or aluminum glass. Even some doctors are prescribing the copper water bottles to replace the traditional water bottles to be used in the work places.
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    Vata, Kapha and pitta are three doshas a human body can have as per Ayurveda. The root cause for any dosha is due to any one of the above three. Ayurveda Doctors say that water stored in copper vessels can balance all these three doshas. The water should be stored minimum for 8 hours to have the best benefits, Even though copper is not soluble in water, a very very small quantity of copper at ppm level may enter into the water. That copper going into the human body is useful for maintaining health. Copper kills bacteria. So long storage is never harmful. Copper and water stored in copper vessels will be good in keeping our brain active. Copper in our body prevents thyroid gland swelling. It is good for the general health of the person and the person looks energetic and young if this water is used.
    The elder people say that if you store water in a copper vessel and drink early morning with an empty stomach will be useful for detoxication of the stomach. It gives you good health benefits.

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