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    Which are the ten equipment without which kitchen cannot be operated?

    In every house, there will be a kitchen where we see a lot many things. Even if one of the required things is not there we find trouble in preparing the meals. A well-equipped kitchen will give a lot of comfort in preparing food easily. What do you think are the 10 basic equipment that are required in the kitchen without which it is impossible to prepare the meals. In this, you can analyse and correct other's answers if you think that they are improper. Members, check your household and kitchen knowledge.

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    A person is not happy if you give him money, as he wants to save more for future. A person is not happy if we give him lands, as he expects to acquire more. A person is satisfied only when he or she gets full meals, he will not ask for more good as he is contented.

    Kitchen is a part of the house which generates energy to all the family members, provides nitrituous health benefits. Heart and minds are contented with food.

    The basic necessities of a perfect kitchen are:
    1. A place set for kitchen keeping in mind the directions. A knowledgeable person to cook.
    2. The equipment -gas stove and cylinder filled with gas.
    3. Lighter or match box to lite the gas.
    4. Vessels or utensils to keep the cooked food.
    5. Provisions required for cooking like rice, grams, cereals.
    6. Purified water is an important element without which we can not cook.
    7. Sunlight or electricity to help visibility.
    8. Dish washer and wash basin to wash vessels.
    9. Mixer to grind the ingredients to help in preparation of food.
    10. Exhaust fan to get fresh air and clock to follow the time.

    You may also require a supporting person if the cooking has to be completed quickly.

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    Every item is having its importance. Even a single item is absent preparing food is difficult.
    One day early morning, I was waiting for my coffee. Meanwhile, my wife came and told me that the cooking gas cylinder is empty. The spare cylinder is also empty and we forgot to book the cylinder. How to get the coffee? Gone to the neighbour and their cylinder also was empty. Somehow we managed to get a cylinder from another family and on that day I had my coffee at 9 AM. Like this when it is not there only we feel the importance of the item.
    A cooking device, a heating stove, a big spoon for mixing while cooking, water, raw food items, a knife for cutting the vegetables. plates to cover the cooking vessel are some of the important items one should have in the kitchen when we have to cook food. Various sizes utensils are also required so that we can use the correct vessel based on the quantity to be cooked.

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    There is no hard and fast rule to have so many equipment at the kitchen but the basic things are certainly required to get the kitchen chores going. The first and foremost requirement is the gas stove. Gas stove is preferred because the work would be done fast. If the rice has to be cooked fast, then pressure cooker is ideal but there are people who shall cook the food directly without cooker. And for mixing the masala etc, we require the mixie through which the powders can be grinded. But in village homes the masala mixing is done through the traditional way of doing the same through the stone. For preparing rice, sambhar or curry, different vessels are required and for Kadai is must for preparing the curries. And if the food is to be stored for the next meal we required a fridge to do the storing. So the kitchen work can be made with bare minimum equipment.
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    This is really a very interesting post about the basic equipments needed in the kitchen. I have some interest in working in kitchen from time to time when I perfect my recipes before sending them for publication in some of the relevant sites. What I felt was that we should have some of the following things handy so that we can do the work comfortably and conveniently -
    1. A set of knife, peeler, scissor, and other cutting tools.
    2. Steamer.
    3. Gas stove.
    4. Pressure Cooker.
    5. Microwave.
    6. Mixer.
    7. Hand grinder.
    8. Assorted bowls and plates in different sizes.
    9. Gas lighter.
    10. Fork, Tong, Squeezer, Slicer etc.

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    Ten basic essential things as per cooking system inour home:
    Gas stove & lighter
    Gas cylinder
    Ladles and spoons
    Glasses and plates
    Coconut grater
    Tea filter/coffee filter
    Minimum essential vessels
    DosaTava /Kadai & Idli pot
    ( Grocery items and vegetables, oils etc are obvious understood)

    I have not mentioned about appliances evnthough some are essential for day to day cooking prctically.

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    The kitchen cloth used to handle the hot vessels, the wipers to wipe the spill out else it may be slippery floors. The gaskettes used inside the cooker.
    Each house differs on the person who maintains the kitchen, we cannot go and cook in our relatives house as soon as we enter. It takes time to locate the availability of groceries and vessels.

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