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    Students need more information on COVID19 care

    Schools are said to reopen in the month of August 2020 in most States. What will happen when the schools reopen in cities like Chennai is going to be a big challenge. There are so many red spots and the students need a great deal of care to adjust to the new realities and also minimize the spread of the virus.

    If this means that there will be more number of classes and a few more online classes on Sundays as well, so be it. This is the time to reach out to all students through video call or video conferencing or whatever and then prepare them. As a rule, school students will not be able to understand any rule and one cannot be so strict in matters like social distancing.

    The students should be educated very well right now. Even one small lapse can result in hundreds of infections.
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    True. Already arrangements are in progress for reopening of educational institutes. In Hyderabad, Private institutes are trying to gear up to the situation. They are planning to reduce the strength in each section and planning to have classes in shifts. They are thinking of making masks compulsory and also social distance maintenance.
    Before sending the children to school parents should tell me the seriousness of the virus and we should inform them how they should conduct themselves in school while going and coming back home. They should understand the importance of keeping social distance. They should also tell them why they have to follow and if not followed what are the consequences. If they don't understand the subject properly they will never feel the importance of following the precautions.

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    It is true. Online classes are the only means to bring children in the brackets of education. How far can it be successful? How can it be taken by parents who are illiterate? Will teachers be able to handle parents and students together? Lot of question arises but the results will be only through accomplishments with the basic facilities. Parents may not be willing to send their wards to schools bit on the other side procuring the infrastructure for online class would make big hole in their pockets.
    Children are aware of the situation but they can know it only in practical ways when they reach schools. It takes time to readapt to new circumstances.

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    The government has informed through the educational department and MEO and DEO that what precautions has to be taken after the curbs are eased. Each student cannot wear the PPE kit and it cannot be afforded but at the same time the student must not mingle with others and should not touch each other through the excitement of having come together after long time. What I feel that the students should be called in two shifts. One in the morning from roll number 1 to 20 and evening session with roll number 21 to 40 or above. Otherwise divide the students to more sessions of 20 each and create more sections of each class provided the school has more rooms. But in that case the teachers should be added more. Anyway it has become challenge for every school post Covid19 reopening and each has to plan new.
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    As we have not brought up our children through that learning mode, they are to be taught the ifs and buts of the safety measures in this conditions. We are going through a very serious and tough condition and even some adults and grown up people are not able to observe the proper ways to tackle to contain and avoid this virus spread. So it becomes necessary that these adults and the children all are to be well trained and asked to adhere to the basic health and safety measures by keeping not only the social distancing but also other precautionary measures as told to them by the teachers in the school and elders in the house. Once schools open and we have to live with the virus then these things would become more crucial and important.
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