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    The power of taking own decisions

    Normally taking decisions on own is not bestowed with the children as they are under the watch of the parents and their every need is taken care off and they need not worry about and present and future. But as a parent we have to take the right decision at the right time and at the same time take decisions in the challenging times. Winners are those who have the experience to decide fast and yet amicably in their own favor and for the benefit of the family. But taking quick decisions are not that easy too. What is your take on this?
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    Decision making is a very important aspect of our lives. A correct decision made at the correct time will give you success. If you delay in making a decision you may lose the game. Some times we have to make a decision on the spot. We should get ready for that. Some people not taking a decision is dangerous than taking a bad decision. when we are supposed to make a decision we should see the issue in total and then make a decision. That will be the best way and correct approach. Without thinking properly if we take decisions in a hurry you may have to pay the penalty.
    Once you make a decision you should follow the same. Sometimes it may happen that the decision we have taken is wrong. We should no go on worrying about that and we should analyse our decision and we should never repeat such a mistake.

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    Decision making is a great quality and only a few people are capable of taking quick and effective decision. It is said that people having such abilities generally succeed in their lives. The problem with decision making is that when someone else has to take it then we become too critical and make unnecessary observations but when we have to take it then we feel a lot of difficulty in taking it as there are fears of failing and getting criticised subsequently. Interestingly, when the responsibility of taking a decision is thrown on our heads then all sort of apprehensions start to emerge in our minds and then only we realise as how difficult the process of taking decision is.
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    Decision making is not that much easy especially the decisions are being taken for our children in respect of their careers. Though they are our children and hence considering that we know their ins and outs and accordingly we finalise their further career path.
    Let us take an example of our elder son studying in class twelve with both the combination of Bilology and Mathematics. We are under the impression that he would get through the Medical Entrance and if the same formula does not work, he can crack Engineering Entrance with the option of Mathematics. If such a provision works, we can think that our decision for the continuance of both Bilology and Mathematics was a right decision though he was subjected over stressed due to this dual combination.
    What I feel decision making should be based on the frank interpretation of the party who is affected in such a process. It should not be taken unilaterally otherwise a different scene would emerge.

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    Normally decision making is vest with some persons but the objections and non-co operation makes the decision taken by him futile. Such decision dragged further and effect got pending. I saw drainage water stagnation on the street between an individual house and an apartment opposite. The individual house owner was not in the house as he went outstation. No apartment persons take initiation to complaint to the respective authorities. The lady of individual house asked the persons of Apartment for help but nobody ready to take decision and they passed over the responsibility to others. On the third day, the owner of individual house came from outstation and by hearing from his wife, he just initiate action by seeing the concerned authorities and cleared the drainage stagnation within hour. But no apartment persons expressed their thanks.

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    In life we face various situations.The routine situations wherin though decision is to be taken it becomes easy due to repetitive handling and experience.
    There will be some decisions to betaken which may not impact much even if they go wrong.
    However decision makin becomes difficult and tense whenwe know there are many qual alternatives , and there iare different risk and benefits attached to every one of them.
    Decison making also becomes difficult when the decison will bind or impact other perso(s).
    In such situations one should take help of experienced and expert persons.

    One gets a greater power of taking decisons by default command position or satus, by knowedeg, experience and expertise. However wherever possible and proper decision making may be delegated to some other right person. That will lessen own burden and tension.

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    Decision making process starts from the childhood but in this young age a child doesn't know what are the pros and cons of the matter he/she is taking the decision about. Generally, their decision is based on what attracts them to choose and we, the old creatures call it their obstinacy. When I was reading biography of Indian born astronaut late Kalpana chawla I read an interesting incident of her childhood, that her parents didnot give her any formal name rather she was called by her nickname Montu, when she was admitted in nursery class at the age of three years, the teacher asked her name. Her aunt who accompanied her told the teacher that no formal name had been decided, however, three names were their mind kalpna, jyotsna and sunaina, then the teacher asked Montu to choose the name and she chose 'Kalpna'.

    But real self decision making process starts when the person is intellectually matured as well as self reliant.

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