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    Let us ban birthday parties for two years

    I always thought that we, the great Tamilians are the worst people in India who break all rules. We have had the Government liquor shops open and social distancing went for a big six.

    Now, we seem to be having competition from a across the border. From AP and from an MLA, who seems to be representing Warangal. He belongs to the TRS party.

    I always thought that Mr. Rao was a good CM who had done something for the State and not talk about non-issues that we tend to hear from one major party. However, this guy has had 3000 guests. No masks. No social distancing. The birthday bash looked horrible. How can the State Govt allow this? I am told that he has now been booked for violation of norms. We should immediately ban birthday bashes for a full 24 months.
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    KCR is not the Chief Minister for AP. Warangal is not in AP. It is in Telangana and KCR is the Chief Minister of Telangana. This is just for information to the author. KCR is a man who can deliver a good speech. But never a good administrator. He is the only chief minister who never sits in the secretariat. When the Central government talked about 50 people can be allowed for a marriage function, this man said it is 20. Then how an MLA of his party gave such a birthday party. Who gave permission. Probably many of the TRS leaders might have attended and that is why no Halla Gulla. Many times such things happen in Telangana.
    Not only birthday parties, but we should also avoid all types of get-togethers. Then only we can keep the problem at a distance. Otherwise, it will be an invitation also to virus along with the guests. We should celebrate the functions in a very low profile. Otherwise, we will be putting the guests at a risk.

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    When the rule makers themselves break the rules then such situation emerge. The administrative machinery under them would always be afraid of their wrath and never take action against their misdeeds. This is a big problem in our country that when the people at higher positions do some wrong doing then the whole system becomes lethargic and slow in bringing them to the books. What can be the solution to this perennial problem is the worry of a common person in our country. An ordinary resident can be arrested by the police for a petty offence but these people go scot free on doing such grave things.
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    Rao Sir. Sorry. I mixed up the State. Yes. It has happened in Telengana.

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    This is to prove that India means Indiscipline also. If we are disciplined, we would have contained the virus in March itself. We are not managing the situation well. If our destiny is to suffer and live with Corona, no restriction for a Birthday celebration or any other celebration would help. It is very difficult to change the mentality of Indian politicians and the people of India.
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    A good thread with a suggestion which can bring different views. But it took me to read the post to the last line to connect with the title.
    Birthday parties and bashes have become a status statement even amongthe middle class, of late.Though traditionalists and purists still view these with some consternation, they also fall into the deep trap when the requests and demand come from their children or grandchildren .

    Birthdays of chidren were 'celebrated' by parents in early days by visiting temple taking the birthday kid also and praying there for the health and longevity of the child. Affordable and simple offerings are made there. Sometimes special pujas like Ayushya Suktam or Ayush homam are conducted at home or temple. The child is given new dress to wear on that day. Then a special lunch is prepared at home with addiional dishes and one or two sweets. The birthday child is to pay respects and prostrate before the elders in the home and get their blesings. All members will sit together and take the lunch. Sometimes the neighbouring children are also called for the lunch. Otherwise the sweets are shared with neighbours.

    Children used to celebrate the birtday of their parents and elders by visting them, coming home for that day from wherever they were, and paying respects. The children will arrange for poojas and offerings at temples for the health and longevity of the parents.

    There never was any bash or flamboyant parties in those times. That is all modern and following wesern customs.

    While the current situation has made a rethink among people to go back to the healthy and good old life styles,that can be done with regard to birthday and other celebrations too. Banning will not be practical and will invite strong objections.

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    I agree with Venkiteswaran sir that the crux of the thread lies at the bottom with the top being mere decoration. Coming to the thread, why only birthday parties? It would have been better if the author had widened the scope of this thread by bringing all such functions within its ambit.

    And why should there be a ban at all? The lockdown regulations are clear with the restrictions and norms that need to be followed. Why should the common man who, with the simple intention of making his child happy, calls up a few relatives and friends to a small get together be made a scapegoat for the irresponsible actions of a person (persons) who holds a responsible position? Such persons will not be affected by a ban also and they will go ahead with their extravagant lifestyles. The best way would be to ensure that such gross violations be checked and the persons involved brought to books as provided by law irrespective of their position or social status.

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    Now more than 1.25 lac cases have been registered and 3728 (by 8:13 a.m.) patients have died and our government is going to give us relief from lockdown. Railways will resume running on the tracks from 1st June, market, courts and other government and private establishments are going to open. Our ministry of health has stopped daily briefing on coronavirus from 11th May. It means we are moving towards normalcy.

    When coronavirus is leaving our country then what is the need of restriction on birth day or any celebration party ?

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    As per the social distancing norms no such functions are allowed. If some people are observing them and violating the regulations, it is a bad trend and will harm the society by spreading the virus quickly.
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    Are we really moving towards normalcy? The reports don't say so. Corona is having free time due to the relaxation of lockdown.
    We will not know it now. It will be known much in June, more in July, and much more in August. Wait and Watch how Corona plays.

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    If coronavirus is still affecting the people and causing the death of the people at large and our country is not moving towards normalcy then what is the point in permitting to open public places, market and government departments and resumption of railways despite carelessness of the people was experienced during given-relief.

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    The author has brought a ban on birthday parties by politician and so called rich people. They will enjoy the function even if such ban is implemented. Only the common people are breaking their heads why there are so many migrants moving from one place to another to mix in the groups which remained safe for the past two months and more.
    Normal citizens are struggling everyday to make up their living.

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    I don't think the lockdown will be lifted totally. They will be in place with some relaxations and restrictions.
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    The people in power behave strangely as if the law does not pertain to them and only on the public upsurge such leaders of the party would be brought to book. When the rules are made it is for all to follow and there is no question of relaxation and taking light of violators. When the gathering for the marriage is fixed at 50 and for funeral the attendance should be 20, yesterday I came across a video in which the villagers in large numbers were seen participating in the funeral procession of the cow. I think the gather would be more than 500 members where not wearing the masks and maintaining the physical distance. And what the author referred to the lavish party of 3000 people in Warangal probably given the iftar parties which is customary during the Ramzan fetivities. Nevertheless during the extended lock down having such gathering uncalled for.
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