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    Justice delayed is justice denied.

    Justice delayed is justice denied.
    This is what we hear many times. I feel it is true at all times.
    When I am feeling hungry, I should get the food to eat.
    When a person did a crime and because of that somebody else might be suffering. If the culprit is not given punishment, the suffer will never be happy. By the time judgement comes, the whole world will forget about the crime did by the culprit. Instead of that if he gets the punishment without wasting time, people will know why he was given that punishment and they will restrain themselves from doing that type of mistakes.
    In India, there are many pending cases. All the suspected are in jail or on a bail. The government has to spend money on these people. I feel the Law department should study this and see that all the pending cases are disposed of at the earliest.
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    Many countries in the world are suffering from this delay in court case decisions. In our country also the situation is very pathetic and grim. Many people are not going to lodge court cases or complaints just because the legal proceedings take a long time in our country. The advantage of this is generally taken by the culprit or the accused as the lawyer from his side would always be devising newer and newer ways to get away with the court proceedings in clever ways. The benefit of doubt is always given to the offender and the onus of proving him guilty lies with the sufferer.
    Knowledge is power.

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    This is simple as we see in our daily life. When we ask one thing from a person, if he give it immediately or think for a while it is okey but if he delayed for more hours to give or reply, it just denotes that he is not interested to give. Similar to that the term,'give a chance to others for explaining' is used more in courts. We see in many cases though the culprits have been arrested in red hand by Police authorities, court delays in giving award means it is clear the term 'justice delayed is justice denied.

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