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    Let us organize community resources when the migrants return

    After September 2020, perhaps only herd immunity would work. The Central and State Governments cannot lock people for months together in their homes. They need work. And so the trains from Howrah to Trivandrum would carry thousands and they would alight at Salem, Erode, Coimbatore, Tiruppur etc where the tiny and small companies will resume normal business. They may or may not get jobs soon after or they might not be able to earn what they were earning pre-COVID19. Let us do something for such people. Let us mobilize money and allow entrepreneurs to sell idli for Re 1/ a piece, as the old lady in the Coimbatore suburb is still doing or make meals available at cheaper rates.

    Only such initiatives will help every single migrant to at least feel safe. KPR Mills at Tiruppur is not only giving them decent salaries, but the owner reportedly encourages them to acquire additional qualifications so that they get good and better jobs elsewhere too. This is exactly the kind of initiatives that we need, pan-India. Forget the Govt. packages and plans. Let us do our bit to its best.

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    It is not possible to keep everybody in the houses forever. Depending on the government for everything is not correct. How the government can supply free food for years together. One has to take care of himself in all the ways. He has to take care of his health and he has to take care of his needs also. For that, the only way is to work hard and take precautions.
    Well to do people can help the maximum possible extent to the poor. But they should also respond positively. How can I become self-sufficient? This point should be thought by everybody and see the ways and means. I have seen many poor people going for more children. Then never think about how they can bring them up. So we all should help them in getting their food and also make them aware of the situation and teach them the way of living.

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    Govt, whether central or state have no intention to impose lockdown and they are doing it under utter compulsion created by virus threat. Given a choice, they would never impose such unproductive things in the country. The author has given a good solution to subsidise the poor when they comeback to their work in various industrial belts in our country. It is also true that these migrant workers are the backbone of our industrial and manufacturing segments and we have to keep their interests in top priority. At the same time subsidising would be to certain limit and not to make them lazy and dysfunctional.
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    The thread message does not apply to Kerala. The migrant employees get very good wages . They were in demand and so could command high wages of even near or more than thousand rupees a day.The migrant employees are called as 'guest employees' by the government and media in Kerala.

    During lockdown they were provided with all essential facilities like food and even entertainment by placing TV s in their camps. In fact the overcare given by the authorities to the migrant employees invited wrath fom the local people as they were sometimes ignored in preference to the migrants. Meetings were conducted and announcements were made in their mother tongues for them to understadn easily. All these of course, helped in proper compliance of lockdown norms.

    However vested interests tried to exploit situation and incited them indirectly to protest. anddemanding return to their native places. Thogh trains were run for this and some already left and reached their native places, a vast number of the migrant labourers in Kerala do not want to go back as they realised that the situationis so bad intheir native places. May of those remaining have resumed going to work as elaxations are in place.

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    All the expenses which the government is coming up with will be burdened back to the public in different forms. It is better to stay away if you are financially strong like the give aways related to the subsidy of cooking gas.

    It is better to have a track of migrants labourers and a census can be arranged to get their number. The one ration one nation, once implemented can help them in the coming days.

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    Migrants are the citizens of the country and the state from where they hail must look into their well being and food. Post lock down there would substantiate increase in the allocation and distribution to weed out poverty in the migrant workers. Already the courts and Human rights commission has come to know the plight of the migrants and there would be sincere effort from the center to have the exact census of the migrant workers in each state and then draw the policies and programs to help them in right earnest. When the parties are enjoying the votes of each migrant. every party and their leaders must support in this endeavor and see that all the migrants are covered in the census and as immediate measure each migrant should be given the job under MNREGA to mitigate their problems.
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    I have a suggestion to make in this regard. The author had suggested that some of the expenses of the migrant workers are to be subsidised so that their effective salaries are increased and their living levels go up slightly. In this matter the state Govt along with some willing NGOs can think of raising a corpus from the willing donors (including industrialists and manufacturers and service providers) to support and help these poor people who have come a long way from their homes in search of a job. Is not the duty of state Govt to think so. The state Govt can add to that corpus in a proportionate way and then it is to be regulated by the persons from Govt as well as NGO management. This would help in keeping a big corpus or fund to meet any eventuality in their lives and time to time some help can be rendered to them from it. If executed properly it could be of great help to these people. Basic thing is the rich people in the state should contribute towards such generous acts.
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    Should our concern be about the migrants from other parts of India engaged as labourers in the South of India only? What about those, from different parts of India, who were employed in different parts of the world and have now returned to their native places, with most of them have lost their jobs. They include people employed at different levels from software engineers to technicians and other professionals and skilled workers. Would we be able to provide them with employment? How many of them would be able to benefit from the schemes that have been announced or would be announced by the centre or the state governments? I don't think to rehabilitate all of them will be an easy job.

    Providing food or shelter at cheaper costs is never a permanent solution. Will such a short term measure ensure them security for their lives? Organizing community resources can never be resorted to as a long term measure. Only government intervention considering all humane, social and economic aspects with a vision will be able to provide some respite in this regard to the people affected, their families, the society and the nation at large.

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    Sai Sir, you are correct. When a vaccine is found, and millions are either cured or at least prevented from dying and no fresh infections take place, you and I can guess that foreign tourists will return to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, in far greater numbers. The domestic tourism industry will pick up too. The private Omni buses will start plying again.

    I do not want to mention names of companies. Post 2008, I had myself guided around 126 youth, all from Kerala who wanted jobs in Chennai. Only BPO jobs were available aplenty. You know what I did? I brainwashed these guys literally. I told them something is better than nothing. If I remember correct, only ten were girls. Two got the front office jobs in three and four star hotels. Around 40 were guys who returned from Gulf. They qualified themselves better. They even did SAP courses and other job oriented stuff like medical transcription. I merely guided them. Today, many guys have even landed in good jobs in Singapore.

    The Tamil engineering graduates were highly egoistic. Some were unemployed for over five months. But I should salute the spirit of Kerala guys. Today, there are requests from many to help. But there are no jobs. I do not see any big hope. The post 2008 situation wax far better. Perhaps most guys will do some small business.

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    The labour force is the backbone of our economy and their involvements were seen almost in the sectors but due to sudden development of an unusual situation in the wake of spread of corona virus, the labours has lost their jobs and the financial crisis has made their lives miserable. Though they are aware of sensitivity that shifting from the place putting up themselves to their departure to native place would invite multiple problems including the spread of virus in an uncontrollable manner.
    They were to be protected from their ex employers by offering them shelters and cash advances which can be adjusted one they resume jobs after the normalisation of the situation. In that way, there could have been a check of their movements. Their movements has caused several problems such as their fatal death due to the accidents while their movements on the roads and even the deaths due to starvation has been noticed.

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    #697509, I am not talking about foreign tourists, I am talking about Indians employed in other countries and who are now returning due to COVID19. I am talking about those who have left their native places and were employed in different states in India and are now returning. What about them? Will new jobs be created? Will it be possible for all of them to start their own business? The situation is certainly bleak.

    Sivakumar, this is 2020 affected by the Coronavirus and the situation is not at all the same as in 2008. How can you compare?

    And just check out, if possible, as to how many of those job seekers who have got placements as per your advice is still continuing. Would you be able to still find them jobs or guide them the same way as you did earlier? I doubt.

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