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    How many of you sleep patiently if noise is over your head side

    Not in nights but in daytime normally somebody used to have a nap for half to one hour or more after lunch. If anybody makes noise or speaking with others either in person or over phone, our sleep get disturbed. My father used to have a nap after lunch for half to one hour. During that hour my mother and others did not make any noise or even speak loudly. One day a vessel to be handed over to others after lunch but my father was sleeping,how to give back without cleaning.My aunty, brother's wife of my father did an idea. She put a empty gunny bag on the floor, cleaned the particular vessel on that gunny bag and handed over by washing in water silently. My mother appreciated her talent. We normally do not like to make noise when somebody sleeping even for a child. But now I am seeing many people do not care others sleeping but talking intermittently.
    But to the surprise my maternal uncle never worry about others but start sleeping without caring others even in nights.
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    Normally I do not get sleep or good slep with noise and light. But at times when I am much tired after keeping awake full day and night previous day or tired after long trave, I may sleep even with noise and light around.
    Similarly sometimes I get a small aftenoon nap also in day time even by keepng the TV/music on.
    I see many people sleep snoring while travelling in buses.I cannot .

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    I do take a nap these days only if time permits and get irritated by a small noise. I ask the members of my family to move to another room. This nap is essential for the body to refresh our upcoming routines.
    Tiredness is the notion behind the nap. When ever your body works more than the regular work, it tends to relax.

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    I have no problems. I can sleep in any condition. I don't bother much about the sound or light. They never stop me from sleeping. At the same time, I can get up from sleep. Somebody just calls me I can get up. Even I sleep sometimes while I am in sitting posture. My wife can't sleep if there is any disturbance. She will not get sleep if there is light. In the afternoons when she goes for sleep, there should not be any sound in the house. She closes the door and sleeps. In between, if we disturb her, she will get weaker and she says her heartbeat will increase. That is why we never disturb her during her sleep.
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