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    Are you doing the interested job what you have aimed at?

    Sometimes we see people saying that I want to become a doctor but finally I settled as an actor. In this competitive world there is no relation between the education they got and the job they are doing. After doing engineering so many they are settling as school teachers. So someway earning bread for the family becoming the ultimate goal even though they may not enjoying the job. Of course utilizing the opportunity they got and do justice to the job is a good thing. Actually my aim is becoming a doctor but because of heavy competition at that time I am unable to succeed in that at my Intermediate level. So after that my adjusted aim is to become a teacher and so I achieved and enjoyed that profession. Members please share your experience in job profession.
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    Yes, by the grace of God, I got my first job as I wanted andinterested in.
    But life's practical realities made me quit that job, as by then, I realised that job satisfaction alone cannot take care of life's prority needs.

    So I changed the job and joined another job in which I got involved sincerely and liked it with my head and heart as it gave me an address and status and a normal living.
    I am grateful forboth the opportunities given to me by God. I have no regrets.

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    Yes. I am able to continue in the line in which I want to be. Yes. I achieved what I aimed at. I worked in the post in which I want to work. I have an aspiration for chemical field senior executive post and I achieved it. I worked as the Director of a company and reported to the Board of Directors. The company progresses well and the board encouraged me a lot. The unions also cooperated. I was able to manage both sides of the coin and achieved the desired level of working. I should thank the almighty for giving a good opportunity.
    always confident

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