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    Is honesty just a matter of opportunity

    I feel so. I hope you will also feel so if you come to know know the following inhuman and unexplainable shocking act by our 'civilised human beings'.

    Just a while ago I read shocking news headlined "Delhi Crowd Loots Mangoes worth Thousands from Street Vendor". (source: the The news is also there in other media sites too. I feel ashamed about my fellow human beings in Delhi.

    A street fruit vendor named Chote in Delhi's Jagatpuri area was looted of his mangoes worth about thirty thousand rupees. The matter happened like this. Citing some problem near that area, some people asked the vendor to move his cart from there. While he was moving his cart the bystander crowd just pounced upon the residual mangoes left in a crate . I am at a loss for words as I saw the video clip of the incident along with the report. The irony was that I could see in the clip people calling others to come and take away. I just can't believe such a thing happens.
    On one side we are making loud 'blah blahs' in social media and other media on need to help the small business people and local traders, however when we get a 'safe' opportunity this is what we do.?
    Hypocrisy is thy name Human! ? Can't we not then say that honesty is just tongue twist and a matter of opportunity only?

    P.S: (I wish the story is not true, and will feel relieved if someone later claims it was only a prank video)
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    True. When we hear such incidents really we feel bad. A street vendor who is making his living by selling fruits on the roads in the hot sun is looted by the civilised people and they are inviting others to do that. Can we say they are civilised? I don't think so. There is no difference between an animal and such people. Rs30.000/- is a huge amount for that man and he has to struggle a lot to pay back that money.
    A common thing we notice is that when we go to a big shop we never bargain and there is no scope for bargaining also. But we will definitely bargain with this type of street vendors and we will try to get benefitted. It is also inhuman. Giving a little more to these street vendors is always better than paying to the big malls.

    always confident

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    What I understand from the same news that the two vendors of mango sellers had a tiff and failed to attend the customers who are eagerly waiting to purchase. Having lost the patience, one customer tried his first hand and looted the mango without paying and astonishingly even the so called educated customer also looted mangoes much to the astonishment of the vendors who cannot do anything but see the crowd looting unending. This is the mango season and the people have been stay put inside the home for many days and as they came out for shopping, they want to finish early purchasing and push off. But the prolonged fight only helped more gathering of mango buyers and hence utilized the business of vendors involved in fight and looted the precious king of fruits to their homes. Shame on the looters.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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