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    What is alert portal topic in india study website?

    In this site, alert portal is there. If alert comes on somebody account then what does it mean?
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    I can understand that you are referring to the third item in the drop-down menu available below your profile name on the right-hand corner of the logged page on the topmost blue band on the page.

    The 'alerts' menu is for sending you the information regarding the status of your posts (articles, forum posts etc) as to whether they are approved, or pending etc, the cash credit (if any) given to you for various contributions, whether any of your posts are selected as the best answer, the awards and prizes given to you etc. In short, it is for alerting you about the change in the status of your contributions here.

    It will be a good habit to refer to your alerts page regularly, especially when you had submitted some posts or articles.

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    Sanchita, please read and understand the points mentioned in the Comprehensive guide for new members and all the topics to which a link has been provided there to get to know about the requirements and facilities of this site. It will help in your journey ahead with this site.
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    Sanchita the alerts are nothing but the notifications being initiated by the ISC editors and webmaster on approval or needing corrections to any article or giving the information about the cash credits. If you post any response or reply in the ask experts section the alerts would inform you about the approval or disapproval and cash credit to that effect. Do not give much credence to such details and concentrate on contributing more information and participating in the article section by submitting more resources on varied subject. But before that please go through the posting guidelines, help topics and also read the various articles already submitted and approved by our members. Still if you have any doubts please post the same in this forum for immediate clarification. I would like to see a inclusive performance from your side.
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    On the right side of your dashboard you would see three things - Messages, Alerts and your contributions in that sequence one below other. They are all useful in seeing your messages, alerts related to your messages or where you have responded and finally your contributions. They are all hyperlinks and you can click on them and go directly there. This is a big platform and you would be slowly getting a feel of all these things and as Saji has suggested, you go through the help sections regularly to find out more about this site and its constituents. Initially, start contributing in forum section by responding to the existing posts and learn the various things here. Then submit your own post inviting members to respond. Like that you progress and then write some articles and submit in article section. There are many other sections also and choose your interest from them. You are at a place where immense learning opportunities are there. We all have benefited much here in that respect. The key to success in any site is to contribute more and more.
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    Various communications we receive about our postings, approvals, rejections, pending status etc and these will be indicated in the Alert section. From there you can see the details in the individual alert and you can take the required action if any.
    You have submitted an article. It was reviewed and the Editor thought that some modifications are required. So he will send your article to the pending section and you will receive an alert from the site that so and so article of you is kept pending. Then you can go to that article do the corrections as mentioned by the Editor and you can resubmit.
    If you answer a question in AskExpert section, the concerned editor will check and take the action deemed fit. That will be informed to you as an alert.
    If your answer is selected as the best answer you will receive that communication. If your forum postings were given any CC that will be informed to you as an alert. But awards and prizes will not be informed through these alerts.

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