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    Increasing poverty and unemployment in india due to covid-19

    India is a vast country with population of 135 million people. It is very difficult task to manage overpopulated country in covid period.
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    Sanchita, you have selected a very important topic and we would respond to it but just to suggest you as you are a new member here, forum section requires a slightly more detailed post from the members elaborating the issue and sometimes giving their own feeling also about the issue and at least a 70-100 words post would be better in its presentation. Anyway you can take care of this suggestion in your next posts.

    Covid-19 is a great challenge worldwide and different countries are dealing and facing it in their own ways. As there is no cure so far so the situation is going to be more and more difficult in the coming times. India is also facing a big challenge and the application of many lockdowns and curfew situations to contain the virus spread have been helpful to some extent but at the same time crores of people at the lower working levels including migrant workers etc have become jobless and how to bring them back in the main stream industry and manufacturing segment is going to be a herculean task. Presently what Govt is contemplating is to partially open the lockdown in green and orange zones and then try to live with virus and carry on the industrial and manufacturing activities by employing whatever people are available locally. Let us see how much we succeed in this endeavour.

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    Covid-19 is a global problem. Day- by- day this pandemic is going to be deeper in our society because no medicine is available in market till now. It is estimated that more than 400 million people in india would face poverty and unemployment in future. At present, about 40 crore people in india are facing hunger challenge because of lockdown imposed by government. According to new report by international management, the impact of corona virus is worsening economic condition of every section of society but most affected people are labour class who are struggling for life. Since last two months, migrant labourer and their families are walking hundred of kilometers from their place of work to their village. UN' ILO claimed that 400 million workers from informal sector are likely to be pushed back into poverty due to covid-29. Some intellectuals are saying that covid-19 may be temporary but it's impact would be for long period.

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    Welcome Sanchita, on to this site. You have selected a subject which is very apt at the present moment. It is good that you have elaborated with some of your inputs.
    As mentioned by you there will be a very high impact of this COVID 19 on the lives of the people. The way of life is completely changed. Everyone sat in the house for two months. Many activities stopped. No works for many people and their incomes got terribly effected. As mentioned by you many people lost their jobs.
    This happened all over the world and the impact was more in many countries than in India. Now slowly the conditions are coming to normalcy and there will be some improvement. Many people who lost their jobs gone back to their native places. The government should see that some new works will be created so that people will have a chance to earn. But it will take a long time to recover and let us hope for the best.

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    This is a unavoidable situation the world has faced in general and India in particular and firstly it was thought that fourteen days would be enough to get rid of the unseen virus, but as the world situation gone bad to worse, India also tightened the rules so much that the daily labors thrown out of the works automatically, the contractors no more owned their labors nor paid the salaries even at the insistence of the government. And the manufactured sector stopped production and obviously the work force taken out And the IT sector suffered setback as the parent company in foreign country stopped supporting. All this added to the woes of the people as they lost the present jobs. But the world is not over. We are going to bounce back soon and everyone will get the same or new job. Only the time matter either sooner or later.
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    Though India is a large country with a large population, it is a stable working democracy. It is a politically and economically stable country.
    Our country has got a very good time tested system of three level governance wth the people's participation through open democratic elections by adult franchise from bottom ward level to the Parliament.
    Apart fom the political sysem of governance we have a stable backbone of bureaucratic set up.
    Now that there is penetration of internet communication and social media popularity, it is very easy for the governance penetration to the remotest corner of the country and to get the feedback from the people directly also apart from their elected representatives.

    India has proved to the world that despite the world's negative view of the country as poor and illterate it could conduct many General Elections very smoothly, free and fair , when many other developed democracies struggle sometimes.

    Regarding the doubts about the poverty due to Covid, the Central Government and State governments have taken initiatives to take care of the people's basic needs and for revival of the economy. We need not be doomsayers, but hope and work for the best of the country.

    ( It would have been better if the thread author elaborated the message intended a little more and clear with his own views or suporting info)

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    Due to the threat of the virus the workers have moved to their villages where they might be feeling safer under the shelter of their parental house. Now due to relaxations, some industries would start work but problem of deficient manpower would be there. So, it is going to take sometime before the virus threat is controlled and workforce returns to their jobs. Another possibility is to create the industries or co-operative working sites in the states itself where there are plenty of labourers available. It would decentralise the industries from the industrial areas to the remote rural places but in a way they would help in the local development as more jobs and prosperity would come to the local people. We have to see how difficult is this proposition actually when we go to implement it. Merely our thoughts would not do it the main thing is implementation and execution.
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    I would like to add one point here that in past also such crisis times were there and sometimes global crisis was also there and the only difference today is that they were of financial nature while the present one is a biological threat to the whole human race. This threat has created a lot of unemployment and uncertainty in our lives and though India is having a surplus of grains in its stores with IFC but the distribution and transport of same to the needy is a challenging exercises. Now at the present juncture it solely depends upon the governance of individual states that how they can contain these things while starting to live with the virus. We have learned a lot form the earlier lockdowns and if situation demands more would be imposed for our own safety. Today we are seeing that we are in a very adverse condition but once the crisis is resolved the come back would be very fast. We have a large manpower and dedicated workforce why we would not strike back to success soon?
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    Actually the central government tried to address the plight of the migrants and needy by giving them free rice and also crediting 1500 rupees to every account through DBT transfers. But today I came across the fact that the total number of migrants and labors who want to reach their own village or city and it is estimated that 4 crore migrants want to shift and out of this so far 40 lakhs have been sent back. So the gigantic task of sending back the migrants earned wrath from opposition parties as both central and state governments failed to have the exact figure of migrants present in each state. So all these factors galloped the increasing unemployment and poverty among the have nots and those who reached out to the needy were less and much has to be done. At least now the data of migrants in each state should be taken.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    India has been facing poverty and unemployment problems for several decades but in recent years situation has become very bad. Number of educated unemployed youth is increasing every year but they have no news of vacancy in public sector and this unprecedented disease covid 19 has utterly damaged the economic structure of the country. According to several reports from different sources a large population is going to be below poverty line and many employed people will become unemployed.

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