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    Interview for the post of a school bus driver who is about to retire

    Option: A school bus driver who is about to retire

    A school bus driver of a primary wing of a reputed school is about to retire, but the lady driver wants an extension of at least one year. Thus, she applied for the same to the bus co-ordinator of the school. In that connection, the co-ordinator arranges an interview of the driver with the school principal. She is all geared up to face the interview as she enters the headmaster's room. The one to one talk begins casually because the driver is a non-academic staff of the school for almost thirty-six years. It went on for an hour and finally, the principal extends her tenure for one more year. The lady driver expresses her gratitude to the school head and comes out of the interview room. Later she shares the three most intriguing questions with her brothers that were asked by the school headmaster. The questions were:

    Principal: Are you not tired of such a strenuous and risky job that you are interested in one more year extension while you are about to complete thirty-six years-long service?

    Bus driver: No, Sir. I enjoy my work and am emotionally attached to it. Life gave me an unbearable shock when I was in my early twenties. I lost my parents and a ten-year-old sister in a bus accident. My elder brother and I had to look after a teenage brother and manage our three-member family. I left studies after passing my tenth board examination, so getting a good job was impossible. Thus, I decided to apply for the vacancy of a lady driver's post in the school because of having a license in heavy vehicle driving. While I got the job, it has served three purposes of my life, so driving is not strenuous, but a stress buster. If I get an extension of one more year, then it would add to my stress-free year of life.

    Principal: A while ago you mentioned that the job of a school bus driver is serving three purposes of your life. Would you kindly elaborate it further?

    Bus driver: Sir, firstly, the driving job has helped me to support my elder brother in maintaining our family respectably. My earning adds value to the family, which gives me immense satisfaction. An extension will add more value to it because I would be able to help my younger brother to expand his business venture.

    Secondly, my father never distinguished between a son and a daughter. When my elder brother was learning driving, I expressed my desire to learn driving. He encouraged me and taught me driving. I was interested in driving heavy vehicles to which he never objected. His support made me a successful driver. A bus accident took away my parents and a little sister, so I thought to take up bus driving as an occupation to make sure that the passengers reach their destination safely.

    Thirdly, when I applied for the job, there was a vacancy in both the departments: Primary and High School. I cleared my interview, and the school authority gave me a choice between the two wings. I opted the primary section as I felt that it might keep me connected with my departed little sister by transporting the girls of her age. It has worked as a true blessing as I have made numerous little sisters during all these years. Sir, all the three purposes those I explained have given me inner strength.

    Principal: Do you know about M Vasanthakumari?

    Bus driver: Oh yes, Sir. She is an inspiration for every female bus driver. She is Asia's first female bus driver. Her determination has fetched her the laurel of being the first woman bus driver in Asia, so it gives courage to all the female drivers, including me to continue our job with sincerity and passion. I admire her a lot.

    The lady bus driver stopped after conveying the three questions to her brothers. They kept watching her admiringly.

    This is my entry:

    Quadrathlon Contest-Event 3
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    A well expressed interview depicting the personal life traits faced by a lady and her ways to take up driving as her career is a good example for all youngsters.
    Each person has a personal life which leads his aspirations in different directions taking diversions so it has to be followed in its own way to get accomplishments.

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    A well-written interview. A little emotional part has come into the proceedings. But my sincere doubt is that for a lady, who worked so many years in the same place, an interview is necessary. Of course, all depends on the rules and regulations of the school. I hope the extension has been given to her. The three reasons the lady driver expressed for aspiring for a driver post are very relevant. I wish the author all the best.
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    The interview pattern, the questions and the scenario of the interview is out of the box. The intention of the interviewee and the eagerness is seen in the answer. The best part of the interview was the first question which actually is very true. Normally, people starts complaining of completing some 3-5 years of in work in any field or position or company but even after working for 36 years, showing eagerness and asking to extend it for another year shows her interest, passion and commitment towards the job. The three purposes attached to the job is also well answered which give more valid points to be given another year to the lady. All the best for the contest.
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    This thread made me recall a Malayalam movie where Jayram is the hero and the hero character is a new driver of a school bus recuited after the earlier driver retired from srvice due to old age.
    Theere is initial hesitation about the youth whether he will temparamentally suit the job as the bus is for small children. But the story is tha he endears to the children and proves anasset to the school doin multi tasking too.

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    The author has given entirely a new dimension to the interview process as it is one which is for the extension of the already existing job. So the interview was taken in that spirit only and is well presented. There is no competition also as the sole candidate is to be examined for her fitness and willingness to get this job extended for a one year period. The queries put up by principal were well addressed by the candidate and her strong will to continue the job are exemplary.
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