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This entry is the joint winner of event 3 of the Quadrathlon contest.
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    Interview for the Post of a Music Teacher for High School Classes

    A renowned school called for an interview to select teachers for various subjects. Today is the fourth day of interview for a music teacher for High school classes. Aaradhya, an interviewee for this post, comes to attend the interview. After verification of academic as well as experience documents, she is sitting aside and waiting for her turn. After an hour, the office assistant came in the waiting room and call her name. She carries all her documents and moves toward the Principal's room.

    She pushed the door and asked, "May I come in sir?" "Yes, please come in." Interview Panel Said. After getting permission from interviewers, she enters into the Principal's office. Three interviewers were sitting there. She said Good afternoon with a smiling face. The interviewers said, please be seated. She takes a deep breath and smiles again. Seeing towards her, one of the interviewers said, "let us start the interview."

    First Interviewer: Aaradhya, your CV reflects that you have a good academic background and seven years of teaching experience. Now tell us about your interest and accomplishment.

    Aaradhya: I was passionate about music since my childhood and being a lady and mother of two kids I feel more attached with kids. I wanted to share it with them because it gives me satisfaction. That's' why I choose this profession. I believe, when students are stressed, a music teacher can help them to get rid of stress as music enhance emotions, strengthen social relationship build confidence and self-esteemed among them. It also promotes students to think constructively. As far as my accomplishments are concerned, I am Gold medallist in MA Music and first rank holder in my University. I also got opportunities to perform many times during my school, college and university days. And once I gave a live performance in Thomso in IIT, Roorkee in front of a larger audience. It was one of my greatest accomplishment. Because it has wake up my inner soul and I get inspiration from this so far. I also have expertise in playing the Piano and also teach children.

    Second Interviewer: Which music teaching style and methods you used to teach your students?

    Aaradhya: I am familiar with most of the music styles which are used in teaching such as visual, aural, linguistic, physical, logical, interpersonal and intrapersonal but my favourites are visual, linguistic, and interpersonal. But I think children should be taught, especially in music, what they already love. Some students are a music lover, and they want to learn. But some take it just like as any other subject. To engage those students is a quite difficult task and a bit tricky. So, I used most popular music and song and sometimes some remix to get engaged them. I use the advanced teaching method to highlight the qualities of students so that interests, possible strengths, and potential weaknesses of students can be revealed subsequently their performance and skills can be improved.
    Nowadays, music teaching has gone one step forward. Technology is playing a vital role in teaching music in class also. So we can't ignore technology in teaching music in schools as it attracts kids easily, and they can learn with enjoyment. I have exposure to various websites, applications and online resources like SoundCloud, Selfog etc. Which are useful to teach student and students can practice at their homes even in holidays.

    Third Interviewer: What are the areas of your strengths and weakness in the music?

    Aaradhya: Nobody is perfect, so I also not. My biggest weakness is that I am too desperate to complete a task e.g. Even if a student who has chosen music subject, but he is not much interested to learn. I try to get him to turn to music so that he develops some interest in the music and my and his hard work does not go in vain. Further, continuously working to remove my weakness is my greatest strength. And I always take it as a challenge.

    Interviewer: Thank you, Aaradhya. You performed well. Now you can and we will inform you through email.

    Aaradhya: Thank you, Sir.

    This is my entry for Academics Quadrathlon contest – Event 3: campus interviews
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    The position for music teacher in high schools are gaining importance because the parents are insisting for such extra activities and the author done the best to get the job for the candidate.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Music is a subject of feelings and moods. A good music teacher is always an asset to the school as he or she can guide the students in a proper way to learn the intricacies of the music world. The candidate presented in this particular interview is well versed with the job she has to undertake if she gets selected for the post. Her explanations are very convincing and show her knowledge of the subject. The author has presented the interview in a lucid manner where the interviewers have also got a lot of information about the candidate and her potential for the vacant position.
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    I think there are many positions for music teachers in many schools. We are seeing many interviews for these positions on ISC. The candidate is able to express herself very nicely and utilised the opportunity to tell her achievements to the interview board so that the members of the board will get impresses. The chances of her getting the posts will improve. One should see that all his/her strong points are brought into the notice of the board while replying to their questions. This candidate has that knack and did it very well. The author has done a good work and I wish her all the best.
    always confident

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    A good and studied answer from the interviewee as she has given good answers to all the questions asked. The experience, use of technology and her interest in the subject is seen in her reply. As the interview is a gold medalist, has given live performance, uses technology and is dedicated towards her passion, it provides an upper hand to get the job. Being a mother of two, it adds an icing on the cake as she can understand children very well and get to the core of their interest. The question framed and the answer by the interviewee was absolutely what we would expect from an interview panel and it is well show-cased by the contestant.
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