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    Your self confidence alone take you to people and places

    It is the fact that we must have the abundant self confidence in ourselves and our moves should replicate the immense power to face any challenge and situation be it a person or the places. Some have the rejection in their mind and have the negative thoughts that they are not confident about approaching big persons in the walks of life. Some have the slow down thoughts on visiting places and how to move with the people there. Therefore we must inculcate the self confidence in every issue, and face every matter and person with much ease and pride.
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    Self confidence is the most valuable trait in our lives. If it is absent in a person then sometimes he might lose in the battle of life and would not be able to progress ahead. The feeling that - I can do it - is the primary thing for converting our plans in the real execution. It takes time to acquire self confidence in our lives as we grow up and learn from our experiences and then take necessary precautions next time and all those learnings make us more confident and adventurous. Self confident people take risks in their lives as they know that there is no gain if there is no efforts for taking risks. When they achieve success in their endeavours then they become more self confident. If they fail then they examine it for corrective actions rather then getting discouraged by these temporary setbacks.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author that self-confidence is essential to succeed. We may have bigger and better plans in our minds. If we lack self-confidence in ourselves, we may find difficultly in implementing those plans into action. Irrespective of whether we have to succeed, meet someone new, go to new places and approach new things in life, we will lack in everything. The reason is that we do not have that within us, which is very much needed to achieve things in life.

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    I see only a few persons who literally have/had self confidence in opposite or unfavourable or incondusive circumstances and situations. Generally, all of us have self confidence in its best form while talking or dealing with someone of lower status or situations within our means. I'm talking about the preservation of confidence when you've to face or come in contact with powerful people or high dignitaries or unfavourable vagaries of circumstances, all of a sudden all the hollow confidence vanish into thin air. But special people keep their self confidence intact in every situation.

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    Yes. it is true. One should have confidence in him. But it should not be overconfidence. If you have no confidence in you that you can farewell, how one can do well. So one should have the culture of " Yes, I can do". I have seen many people who will never start work with a doubt that they will not be successful. That may be due to their lack of self-confidence. Such people should be encouraged and see that they will be successful in their ventures.
    Hanuman is a very strong personality and he has the capability of crossing over the ocean. But he never had the confidence and he is sitting silent. Then his colleagues encouraged and motivated him and then he got motivated and did well. He could see SIta and inform her whereabouts to Rama.
    Some people will be having overconfidence and they never do the required homework and they may fail in their attempts. The correct dose of confidence is always good for being successful.

    always confident

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    Self confidence is an asset until it turns overconfidence.
    Self confidence will show in our gait and behaviour and will impress others while interacting. It will enable to repose trust and responsibility to us.
    Not having sel confidence is like losing the war without even attempting to battle.

    But self confidence does not come easily. It needs to be built by cultivating and self teaching. To know well about our task and prepare for facing it will give us self confidence. More the exerience in something, the more the self-confidence. Many times even when near the verge of defeat , we can recover and win if we have real self confidence in us.

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    People having self confidence generally fare better than the average lot as they do not hesitate in jumping in new and unknown circumstances. Whether we call it courage or confidence it pays them many times in their lives.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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