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    Why doesn't anyone make quarantine movies

    We all know how badly movie and entertainment industry had it because of these lockdowns. Situation is so bad that serials from when I was a kid are making a reappearance. While this is good for nostalgia, there aren't that many that watch TV anymore. What if celebrities and story writers came together to make quarantine movies? This is how I envision this. The story will be mailed to the cast in the form of a play, so actors will know what to do. The shoot himself will happen in their homes. Since not a lot can be filmed, a 15-20 minutes movie will suffice. These movies can be posted in Hotstar or such apps. So one might ask what monetary benefits will these movies make. It won't actually. That is why no one is doing it yet. But here's something we can do for free. We can make amateur writers shine. Amateur writers who send their stories to these actors/serial actors, will be chosen by these actors depending on story and the amateur writer will be given credits.
    There are many shows which try to do this but end up organising a huge show.
    Rules for story writers:
    1. The setting of the story should not go out of the home. Things involved must be all available at homes.
    2. Story writers won't be paid. This is only for fame. That must be remembered.
    3. A certain few actresses and actors were first be experimented upon. When the trend picks up everyone is going to try to act in these short films. Because nothing terrorises an actor more than being irrelevant.

    Do you all like the idea?
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    At present people are under the lock down mode and even the film fraternity is also in shock and awe mode. The actors are taking rest and posting their own videos in the social media to have the connect with the fans. But what the author suggested can be done, but only after the full lock down lifted. Moreover when the people gone through the ordeal of lock down, any film right now will not be received well and therefore some time needed to have the well conceived movie on quarantine. Whether the Bollywood would produce such movie or not the films division documentary would be surely out sooner or later as the alert movie on quarantine.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Aditya has put up a creative and manageable idea and I do not know whether some people are already doing such efforts and if so then that we would know soon from the new short movies released in YouTube or such places. Those who have interest in theatre, drama and film industry have already got a big network and they can definitely think on these lines to create short movies of less than say half an hour which would be a fresh entertainment for the viewers. Even those who are not from this line a little effort and coordination of related people can give good output in terms of short films on various topics.
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    Aditya, I think your idea is already in place, at least in Kerala. Only thing is that they are yet to take the shape of movies. There are singers and musicians who have come up with albums by recording the same sitting in their respective homes only. Then there are comedy shows and even short films that have been made in this manner. The prominent Malayalam daily, Malayala Manorama, has started a newspaper movie wherein the script is forwarded to the actors and they enact the scenes in their own homes and the stills are clicked by someone in the house only. After editing, the movie is published in the printed form.

    Taking a cue from it, one can attempt making a movie by taking videos of the scenes and editing them. The participating actors can be given directions online and all the other post-production works can also be done in this way. We may have to compromise on the quality of the final product in such a scenario but it can be done.

    I think short films, comedy skits/ shows, albums and such other creative ideas will definitely find buyers in TV channels who are almost finding it difficult to fill their slots even with retelecasts of old stuff.

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    Already film industry people booked and registered the name of Corona so that no one will use it afterwards. Anyhow movies on such bad happenings which irritated people so much will not attract them to see on the screen. Film makers according to the situation of their films they may include here and there about Corona in their movies.

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    Many people are doing the same. we are seeing short story films on youtube. They may not be from the famous film industry. They may be upcoming actors.
    The male portion of the song sung in a place and the female portion of the song sung in another place. Both these two videos are sent for editing and they are combining both and releasing the video of that song. I have seen some videos like this,
    In the same way, short films are also made. Each artist acted his role in his place and was sent for editing. Then they are editing and making the film. A friend of mine made 3 short films like this and he has sent them to all my friends.

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    These type of creativity is already in place and many are using it to be in the light. Many shows as said by Saji is going on in Kerala. Many comedy artist and singers are coming up with poems, keerthanams, comedy script, etc. All these help them to learn and be in touch with the audiences.

    Even our church organised online competitions for the people of our natives and people far from home like, mono act, bible verse recitation, poetry writing, singing, photography, bottle decoration, etc. Other churches had children, elder and family quizzes, short stories, etc.

    There are many people who are making short stories on ticktock and YouTube during the lock down period about the recent things like effect of lock down on children, women, men, family, society, life of daily wage workers, etc. Many are using the online platform and coming up with good contents.

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    What Aditya insisting is to have a movie on the real time story lines being experienced by various patients during the quarantine and that need to be portrayed through actors. And that can be done only after the total curbs are lifted and the shooting resumes with the right earnest. Surely popular directors like Ramgopal Verma , Atlee can try the subject with intense drama and movie experience. It may be even the full fledged movie adding the love, emotions, parting and facing the challenge with much grid and coming back to the original life after quarantine. Surely such attempt from the actors would be long lasting.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, Aditya is not asking why movies based on quarantine are not being made but why movies or television contents are not being made during the quarantine (lockdown) days by adhering to the lockdown norms like staying at home and maintaining social distancing etc.
    “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude."- Zig Ziglar

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    I saw a short creation received in whatsapp , which was made by the actors acting in the clip staying in their own homes. There are many such short clips circulating in whatsapp,youtube etc.
    But it may not be practical to shoot usual full time movies or serial episodes that way conforming social distancing,wearing mask,washing hands frequently, disinfecting etc. . Movies and serial episodes shootings need the concerted and joined efforts ofmany people at the same time. So lockdown guidlines willbe violated and it is dangerous and may cause spreading of infection.

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    This seems to be a good idea to make movies especially the short duration ones in this work from home mode and then try to sell it to the TV channels. In the present situation, TV channels are also hungry for the fillers for there schedules as regular shootings are closed.
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