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    What is the speciality of boiled rice or paraboiled rice?

    In Tamil nadu and Kerala people use most commonly boiled or paraboiled rice. But in AP or Telangana we don't use this rice for daily consumption. Actually we think boiled rice as low or second quality rice. Some people they use it for idly or dosa preparation here. People who can spend money choose thin Kurnool variety of rice and the others who cannot spend much cost on rice will choose thick variety of rice. What is this paraboiled or boiled rice? Is this boiling done to improve the quality or shell life of rice which is otherwise low quality? How it differ from normal raw milled rice? Is there any nutrtional benefits in this rice? Members share your knowledge with regard to this rice.
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    The white rice what we eat is more polished and all nutritional values will be removed from the rice and only starch will be there. Parboiled rice has a Low Glycemic Index. Boiling makes the grain to get partially cooked with the husk remain intact on it. This will help in the transfer of nutrients that are in the husk will get mixed with starch available in the grain. So the rice will be having good nutritional value. After boiling the husk will be removed. This husk will not have any nutritional value. But the husk from normal rice will have a good nutritional value Paraboiled rice is a good source of Vitamin B. The parboiled and boiled rice will take more time to digest and you will not feel hungry quickly. So it is better to eat para boiled or boiled rice than polished rice. But some people may have some digestion problem initially once they shift from white to brown. Over a period of time, it will get adjusted.
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    The variety of white rice is devoid of the essential nutrients needed for the nourishment of the body. However, our system is tuned with its intake and making any change or shifting the food pattern may upset our digestion initially but later it stabilises with the new pattern of foods. Boiled rice has some nutritional effects due to absorption of nutrients from the husk and in that sense it is better than the white rice variant with a little drawback that its digestion takes a little longer time.
    However, consuming the brown rice is better for the diabetic people due to its low glycemic index and hence there would not erratic surge of sugar levels of the consumers.

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    The boiled rice in Tamil is called Puzhungal arisi and in Telugu Uppudu Biyam which is widely used by us for adding the same in preparation of Idly and Dosa batter. The advantage of adding the boiled rice is to have the softness of the dough and also to expand the batter to much extent. If we prepare the dough only with the ordinary white rice the Idly or Dosa formation and taste will not match with the taste buds. Moreover we add little orad dall to give much taste and color to the Dosa as brown. Normally the Idly batter and Dosa batter are different but now a days due to constraint of time and laziness people are using the same dough for both purpose of Idly and Dosa. One thing is sure the adding of boiled rice, orad dall would make the batter much stronger and it will also spill over the lid if kept over night. And that gives the puffy effect to the Idly prepared next day.
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    For Boiled Rice, the paddy is boiled , then dried to remove water andthen de-husked.
    But for Raw Rrice , the paddy is directly de-husked. Inside paddy there is a small coating over rice, called bran. This bran has a lot of nutrients.
    The bran gets removed inRaw Rice while dehsuking. But it remains stuck to the rice grain in boiled rice as it was boiled. This makes the cooked rice tasty and healthy.
    Studies has shown now that for diabetics boiled rice is better than raw rice. The 'Kanji' the water remaining after filtering the cooked rice is more tasty and healthy in the case of biled rice.
    However only raw rice is used in rituals. This is because it is taken that boiled rice is already cooked due to boiling paddy and so not used for rituals.
    But if you have to use rice flour then raw rice is used. But boiled rice is suited for Idly and Dosa etc.
    As boiled rice processing consumes lot of water,it may not be popular in water scarcity areas. Boiled rice takes more time for cooking and consume more water and fuel.

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    Whether good or bad,it is better to have the rice as taken in earlier practice. We use to eat raw rice only but when I eat parboiled rice in our office I got some irritation in stomach. But I tolerated to some extent as taking only once in a day. Whenever I went to Ernakulam. I used to take lunch in reputed hotel where they ask while issuing token whether raw rice or boiled rice or red rice. One day for a change I took red rice by 1.00 pm and as everything good in taste as usual I ate well. But by 3.00 pm I felt good hungry as if not taken lunch at all. I asked my accountant whether i can have coffee. My accountant laughed and to asked me whether i took red rice and then told it well digested for raw rice eaters and good for regular red rice users. So whatever be the rice it is good according to regular users.

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