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    Whom do you love most among your own family members?

    Mainly, a family comprises parents, siblings, spouse and children. Love plays an important role. The love between the family members keeps the family happy, while hate in a family divides and ruins the family.

    Here the question to discuss is: Whom do you love most among your family members? I do not wish answers like " I like all and love all - All are equal to me - I don't hate anyone - etc.

    Though we may love all, there would be some difference in love. One may love the parents more than the spouse, one may love the spouse more than parents, one may love the children than the spouse, one may love the siblings.

    What is your love for your family? List them in the order of priority and say why?
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    I am a mother and needless to say it's her children whom she loves the most. Similarly, I love my daughter the most in my family. I feel, she is my heart beating outside of me. I see my younger self when I see her doing all mischievous things. Secondly, I love my sister. She knows absolutely everything about me. Third are my mother and my husband. They are the energy of my life.

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    A good question from the author. I have my parents, brother and sisters and their families, spouse, sons and their families. All put together we will be around 35 to 40 people. We all will meet once in 6 months at least. I consider all these as my family members. Among all these, I have a special affection towards my third sister. From my childhood, I used to like her very much. At the age of 25 years, I have given all the gold items I have to her. I used to spend whatever little money I have those days to purchase some dress or other material to her. I got married and she also got married but my liking towards her remains the same. Her family also stays in Hyderabad and very near to my house. So we will be meeting frequently. My wife also started liking my sister and both they together take care of our house requirements.
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    For me my daughter is most dearest and love her the most for the reasons that I like the girl child very much and she brought laurels and name , fame to me and my family. But this does not mean there is no love and affection on other members of the family. They do get all attention and also gets all things they want, but when my daughter ask me something unique and that must be done from my side come what may. But so far she has not sought moon from me nor she sought stars from the sky, only the dire requirements of her which was always addressed and kept happy. By the way for every father the daughter is most loved.
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    My answer is quite similar to Ms. Arti Singh. I love my daughters the most. Then comes my sister who is my mirror, my best friend. Next comes my parents and my spouse.

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