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    Why are your fingers the same size as your nostrils

    Your fingers perfectly fit into your nose and ears. Why is that? Also your palm can almost cup the top of your head. These are some of silly questions that no one knows the answers of. Does any of you know why? Why are some parts of body perfectly fitting to other parts. This is a trend I observed in primates and humans. We don't see any such proportional parts in other animals.
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    Fingers do not fit perfectly into our nose. As the nose ring has soft tissues and no bones, it functions just like a flexible pipe. The mouth can take your palm because the jaws will allow the mouth to open. It is a double-action inlet and exhaust pipe for the machine called Human.
    We learn in the lower classes as to how the body of animals suits their mode of life. It was in our fifth standard that we were taught about such things. Thus rats have the teeth designed in a way that they can gnaw at anything. Similarly, some animals and birds have claws and sharp beaks.

    That is why we wonder about the creativity ofGod (or nature for the atheists). Man has still not mastered this engineering and design. Even after millions of years of human existence, man has not made a machine with such perfection.

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    What can I say or comment! It is God who took pain to create all the creatures in the universe, especially human beings. He took pain to design a man and woman with perfection. Every human body part has special features. Yesterday, while on my morning walk, I was just wondering about my feet as to how the 3/4 feet lengthy feet holds and balances a heavyweight of many a Kgs.
    Our fingers fit into our nostrils to enable cleaning of our nose as our nostrils get chocked with coughs very frequently. As we brush and clean our mouths daily, we need to clean our nostrils and ears also.

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    As per the evolutionary theories of animal lives on Earth it is believed, based on some scientific observations and deductions that changes in the bodies of animals take place with time depending upon the evolutionary processes which are generally driven by survival instincts. The time scale for these changes is very big and that is why we cannot perceive the evolutionary changes in one or two generations. Those changes happen due to the habitat, geographical location, availability of food, genetic mutations, and inter species interactions. There are instances of migration of species from one environment to other and that also induces some elements of changes with time in the new habitat. Today we see that there are many human species in terms of colour & complexion, height, eye colour, appearances etc and that has taken place in last lakhs of years due to the changes in habitat, climate of the places, plains or hills and things like that. So, in lakhs of years only such minor things happened which can be used to differentiate the person as which region of the Earth one belongs. Just think what could happen in crore or million of years. Probably the evolution of men from apes/ monkeys. A lot of research is going on in these subjects to understand the origin of Earth and life existing on it. Till that resolution such questions would come in our mind as how the size of fingers is almost near to nostrils etc.
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    Our body is also a chemical engineering factory, where the creator has shown his excellent design skills and manufacturing skills and provided all the facilities are required. Whatever equipment we see in a chemical factory, almost all similar machines are here in our body. Of course, they are much miniatured and well designed than a human being. There are two-way valves, non-return valves in our body. Similarly, the body is designed in such a way that the parts can perform difficult works also with ease. Can you find any fork made with flexible fingers like our hand?
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    The human body shape is a balanced and symmetrical structure above the ground and it's design is made or exists in such a fashion that the human being can stand in erect position. Each and every part of the body has a purpose and there is an interconnection between them.
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    Nobody can question the appearance of body parts and size as everything has been designed for a purpose at a particular time or other and none knows the right reason . Some times I was having a feeling as to why the eyes are not kept as one side in the front and one side in the back so that we can have the 360 degrees of what is happening around us. But while sleeping that would a problem for the eye on the back. Human being can create infrastructure and buildings but when it comes to the creating of Body, Lord Brahma is the final authority and he can only explain the rare doubts of our body parts.
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