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    Education and jobs in our pockets - the present trend.

    Do you want to learn and get information related to college subjects? Do you want to complete your assigned jobs? We have a friend here who is a supportive person during lock down. He also penetrates high radio waves but this is an important tool, the need of the hour to fulfill our basic necessities to the minimal levels -that is a smart phone (mobile). Very few people are able to save their jobs through this means and education can be continued without distractions through this medium. Electricity or power is our major need to continue the conversations and complete our communication.

    If we are using for longer duration and it is held in out palms, it will have several health disorders after a few years. If you go out of our house we may get infected and struggle health issues immediately. Both the ways we have to suffer. So let us try to use it with different options.

    1. Keep mobile stand and stop holding it in your hands.
    2. Do not sit in one place to watch the videos, if it is recorded and can be replayed after some time.
    Keep momentum so as to help in physical movement of body.
    3. Relax for 10 minutes after watching the mobile for an hour. You can also use wet cotton swabs, this helps to reduce eye irritation.
    4. Sitting postures are also important while using g mobile. This will keep us in comfortable zone.

    Suggest various tips on usage of mobile while using online applications, so that it will help students and working from home officials.
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    A thread hinting at the health effects of contnuous long use of moble hones and also suggesting some practical remedies for that.
    The thread title reminded me of a bank's advertsisemet a couple of years ago. That was the time of encouraging and pushing digital payments and mobile banking. One bamk advertised that 'Your pocket i now our branch.'. There were cmmon phrases as Bank in your pocket.

    The thread author here has mixed the hazards of Covid infection outside ourhome which compel us to stay safe at home and hang on to our mobile phones for our education and many other matters.
    The thread suggest a few tips to avoid long exposure to mobile use and seeks suggestions too.

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    Mobile phone is a useful device and we cannot think of our life now without it. The health tips advised by the author are very useful and we must take break during the use of these gadgets. Sitting in one posture leads to backache and spondylitis. Mobile is a useful device but its addiction is a harmful thing. We remain glued to it and many important things are neglected. A balanced use of these devices is the need of the hour otherwise we would lose the most important thing in our life which is our health and well being. I would strongly recommend for limited use of this necessary evil.
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    Mobile phones have become a part and parcel of our body. We never see any person without a mobile in their hand. We can't imagine life without a mobile. During this lockdown even though we maintained a social distance we are near to the people because of these phones only. We are able to see them through video calls and talk to them. Even though we are far away, we are able to talk to each other because of this instrument only. These are the positive sides.
    At the same time, if we are not careful we will get health problems. Many people keep the phone in the shirt pocket. It is never advisable. The radiation is not good for our body and it will have negative effects on our health. When the charge is very less, let us not use the phone and get it recharged. Never speak over the phone when it was getting charged.

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    Recently we had a discussion on the safety aspects of mobile tower and mobile phones in respect of the human health. What we found was that mobile towers which are emitting radio frequency signals are not harmful as the person using them is far from them and even if he is near it would only heat up his body a little. On the contrary the mobile phone, bluetooth and Wi-Fi which are very near to us most of the time are much more harmful and can induce many medical condition in the user especially who are using them indiscriminately. The tips given by the author in this post are very useful and appropriate and it is good if we are able to induct them in our lives.
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    Do not forget to switch off your internet data before going to bed. It is better to switch off at night times. It is also observed that to get the network people don't mind where they are sitting or standing. There is loss of self consciousness leading to minor accidents at home.
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