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    Snakes and Ladders Game teaches us many life lessons!

    Snakes and Ladders game which is also called Vykuntapalli as Life is snakes and ladders game snake is your problem and single die is your luck and ladder is your opportunity. In a game of snakes and ladders, you never know what is going to happen which snake is going to bite you which ladder will elevate you and in the end it will all depends luck and destiny. Life's storms come at you like the snake at the number in the 99 games you may feel happy in climbing up a ladder only to be bitten by the snake and starting back again you win when refuses to give up and learn to dodge the snake with a tiny bit of luck.
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    We call it Saanp-Sirhi and I have played it much during my student life. It is a very exciting and funny game and we used to mock a person when he was bitten by snake and landed back in his journey targeted to the end point on the snake & ladder board.
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    Yes, a keen obsrvant and learner can uderstand how life can take youto heights and drop you down the next moment.
    There is a very popular devotional work in Malayalam titled 'Jnaanappaana'(Pot of Wisdom) written by a devotional poet Poonthaanam. It is written in very lucid lnguage that even an illiterate can understand the meaning. It is dscribing the follies and temporalities of human life and chides humans for indulging in temporary plesures and forgetting true love and affection and permanency of moral value life.

    There two lines signify our snake and ladder life:

    " Randu naalu dinam kondoruththane Thandiletti nadaththunnathum bhavaan
    Maalika mukaleriya mannande tholil maaraapppu kettunnathum bhavaan"

    ( He is addressing God that: 'You make a beggar to enjoy a life of luxury in a couple of days; You also make a King living on hih mansion into a beggar within a few days')

    That is what the snake and ladder game hints too.

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    Snake and ladder is a lovely time pass game. I used to play when I was at my teens. Really, it teaches life. One may become rich overnight through a lottery ticket or will be on the street as beggar due to their ill deeds. If one is careful and clever in rolling the dice like Sakuni in Mahabharatha, he reaches the top without any drop to the bottom. Where is time to play now?
    My observation is this - After buying the Snake and Ladder board, people play it with interest only for a very few days. Thereafter, it remains in a corner untouched and uncared forever. Mostly the dice will be missing.

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    #697502 Its a single 'die' we have to play with, not multiple dice.
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    It teaches us to keep on trying tirelessly to reach our destination despite all unexpected hurdles.

    Ups and downs are the part of our lives and Every down leads us to up

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    Snake and ladder is an interesting game and it practically depicts the vicissitudes in our lives. It very clearly shows that in our lives things change and every time we would not be gainers. There would be times when we would lose also. It teaches us the biggest lesson in our lives that do your work but never expect the results happening as per your own liking. There are many things which affect the results in our lives and people call them by the names as luck or destiny. If one understands that, then the pain of failure would not be there and it would be taken just like an episode of the human life.
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    It connects to our present day life. Most of us have been bitten by the snakes and lost our salaries. Few of us gained some financial support from the government. Some of them are not in the game as the dice rolled to the ground just like the migrants. Some spectators are visualising the game sitting in front of the televisions, the old aged, todlers and psycially handicapped people. One key player is the dice who is rolling through the numbers like our central government taking steps to support us financially, mentally and psychologically through the messages.
    Our life is also galloping here as few have lost their lives. It clearly states the ups and downs of life but we all know that there is a goal which we have to strive hard to reach with these situations that is like throwing this virus from our country.

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    Vykhunatapali, it is a well known indoor game and many children were playing this in old times. These days many other computer games are available and hence there is a reduction in the number of players of this game these days. In our lives, there will be many ups and downs. Without any indication, we may get a good fortune one day and one day we lose our wealth within no time. Many of us might have experienced these things in our life.

    In a way, this ladders and snakes game has also many ups and downs. In fact, the game is designed in such a way that human beings can understand that there is nothing in our hands and the luck will decide. Change is there always in our lives which we have to accept and some change will be good for us and bring us a fortune. But some moves are bad and they may take away your fortune.

    Ultimately in the game, we have to reach the place where God is there. The entire game is for showing us how difficult to reach God. There are many hindrances in our life and at the same time there are easy ways also and all depends on you how you move on the path reaching him.

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    The snake and ladder game teaches us the most important intricacies of our lives. That we must start everything with caution and not with urgency mode. The ability and the aim of our life is to progress slowly and not as fast as the big ladder as those who forward in the life would fall one day due to mistake or mischief in future. And the snakes which brings us from the top to bottom is nothing but greedy attitude to achieve something in short cut way and that cannot be sustained in real life. Invariably many fail in the snake and ladder game and the same way people fail in their lives for their false probing of their own life.
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    By seeing this post my thoughts dragged before 40 years. We all went to aunt's village for vacation and our main play there was snack and ladders. One day we were playing my younger brother to alert the elder told,'hey there is snake'. But in real there was a snake at some distance. Without noticing the real snake he told,'I dont care'. But when my aunt bringing tea there saw the real snake and told us,'hey snake daa'.My younger brother replied,'no aunty this is his turn'. Aunty put the tea tumblers and driven the real snake with a long stick. After seeing the real snake running we all attained speechless.

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    The most played and enjoyed games of our childhood or say in the 90's. We still enjoy playing it when our family get together in out parental house. We all,sisters, in-laws and their children do play it in the evening for some time and after that we play Ludo or Kavadi(using seashell as dice).

    It helps to teach us some of the basics of life if we do think it in a deep meaning.
    - If we have favor or luck, we may move up very fast but as we feel that we are the king, a snake will bite and takes us down to the lowest point. So never take pride overtake you.
    - It helps us to realize that in life, there will be ups and downs but we need to keep on trying without feeling low and at one point, we will be able to overcome the snake and come out with flying colors.
    - It helps us to teach our children that winning and losing is part of life and the more we take it sportingly, the more we will be able to enjoy life. When you win, be humble and when you lose try to work more harder and overcome it with a smile.

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    I love to play Snake and ladder in childhood days, because, it took me some days to understand other board games to be played with my elder cousins. I remember asking my brothers and sisters, why it is not slides and ladders but snakes and ladders. One of my brothers said, sliding down is joyful, whereas snake biting and falling will be painful. This game's idea is to give happiness and bitterness.

    However, I still wish the game to be slides and ladders. As a game, falling should also be fun. To see it as life also, falling and elevating are part of the life. Both should be accepted and moved on. I am scared of reptiles, that is why such thought emerged in me and continuing to believe in the concept of slides and ladders.

    Sri Vetri
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