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    How difficult you find the services to your AC in this summer season?

    In summer definitely we need an AC at our home especially in India. Every beginning of the season we have to clean it or get cleaned by the authorized service personnel. When we buy an AC they will give a specific warranty period for whole AC for one year and for the compressor for certain specific period. I have bought Haier DC invertor model four years back. It has warranty period of 12 years for its compressor. Once if the service personnel comes for repair even for a very small trouble they are charging Rs.800. If any part damaged we have to pay for replacement. If we get service from outside personnel other than authorized dealer we loose the warranty for compressor. Like this the company binds us to their service and extract as much as possible every time. The AC we use only few months in the year but its maintenance is so costly and this way the companies are cheating us. Members share your experience with regard to this issue.
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    When we born (a lot of people ) are not born in Air Conditioned rooms when we die there is no guarantee we will die in AC rooms but in between why we want Air conditioners(this seems to be a Philosophy). No I don't like those luxurious things in my life. But due to other pressures, I may buy it soon or later stages of my life. Let us see how things go. Coming to the thread discussion which the author mentioned as that is why we need to carefully understand the Conditions apply segment.
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    Luckily, this year we are able to get an AC mechanic very early. Before this lockdown started, in the third week of March we called the mechanic and got the servicing done for all the four ACs in our house. That mechanic will come every year and do the servicing. So we got it done. But in our native place, the mechanic never to do the servicing. Luckily the AC worked without any problem.
    Not only an AC mechanic but any urgent repair has also become a big problem there. Shops are not available. But if we know the person and if we contact them. they were coming and doing the repair work.

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    Many mechanics are not available in Mumbai as some of them have left the city for their native towns. Still a handful of mechanics are available on call and I have got my AC serviced last month itself. My AC is the cheapest model available in the market and moreover we use it only in utmost urgencies. The service charges are Rs 300 only. Replacement of parts or accessories is separate. Let us hope it does not go bad during this summer as searching a mechanic in time is becoming a difficult proposition as many of them are not attending to the jobs also. The spread of virus infection has created a fear in the minds of the people.
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