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    We have to avail each learning opportunity in our lives

    In the journey of life we go on learning new things and gather experience from it and that is why young people at times come to us for guidance, suggestions and consultations. There is no end to learning, it is a life long process. Some people think that they can learn everything in one go and then relax for the rest of the life. It is a totally misleading concept. It would do more harm than good in our lives. Learning is acquired in pieces, the knowledge pieces, like the pearls in a string. Small elements of learning join to each other like a jigsaw puzzle and make the understanding complete about an issue or subject. We have to avail each learning opportunity in our lives and that is the only way to progress ahead in a successful manner. What do you opine about the importance of learning? Please share your views.
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    Learning is a life long process and one need to be open to learning new things. In this fast paced life, everything changes so fast that if we are not ready to learn new things, we will be left behind and even out of the list. We can read or hear that even grandmas are learning new things and showing interest in learning computers and mobile phones. Recently, my mother who is old have shown her interest in learning smartphones to keep in touch with us. She said, she would like to have video call and chats with us as we all are far and can only be heard most of the times. She herself knows that it is difficult but she is showing interest to learn it. As time passes, we too need to update our self and learn new things that is related to our work, profession, interest, passion and even for knowing about it. In today's world, every day brings in new features and with the advancement in science and technology, we need to update ourselves in order to sustain and be in the race. Let us keep the learning process open and be prepared to face it with a smile.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Learning is a life long process. We had a recent thread on this learning process and we all unanimously accepted that learning is a continuous process. Now the author says we should not leave any chance to learn. True. Whenever a chance comes to learn we should learn. Nowadays this learning has become an absolute necessity for continuing in pour jobs. Gone are the days that I am sure of my job with the knowledge I have. These days many careers wanted the people to updated themselves with the latest developments in their concerned subject. Otherwise, we will be hanging with our outdated knowledge only and we may not progress well in our career. That is why many of our IT people will be doing some diploma courses or certificate courses in institutes or on online also., So it is true that we should be ready to learn always from any chance it comes to us so that we will be happy in our lives.
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    Learning is a continuous process there is no stoppage at all. In the word Learning, there are two different things Learn and earn. As it is quite clear now without learning there is no earning.
    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    Learning is fromwomb to tomb. Whether we know it or not we learn regularly. We lean about new routes, new shops for buying something,information from mewspapers and media, cooking,recipe, dresses and fashion, many things around us. We travel, and learn many new things from that travel. We cannot dfine or confine what we learn . Informal learning is more than formal learning.
    But when we clearly know beforehand there is anopportunity for learning , then we should try to avail it as far as posible. Of course we shouldasseswhether it is suitable, comprehndable to u and useful to us directly or indirectly. But we can adopt an academic approach and try learning anything even if it is new and not related to us.

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