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    The effect of Infatuation in the youth!

    According to the theory of psychology, Infatuation is nothing but only an attraction between male and female and is a state of being completely carried away by unreason passion and foolish extravagant feeling unappreciated and complete unwarranted emotion but the youth who are not matured enough will fell in this Infatuation and spoil their studies and lives. The effect of Infatuation in some of the youth have an immense effect and could spoil their life. What are your thoughts on this? How to overcome this? Please share your thoughts on this.
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    When the children enter the young age their interest in opposite sex is born and it is a natural process to have that. In fact absence of that attraction can be a cause of worry in some cases. So, it is quite natural to have such attractions between the male and female. It is everywhere in the nature and the purpose of it the reproduction and save the species from the extinction. This attraction in its high form is known as infatuation which completely blocks the logical mind of a human being. In human society as the consciousness level of humans is quite high we are supposed to follow certain social rules and regulations and in our young age we are supposed to work for our studies and career rather to go for such indulgences. So there is a continuous fight between the logical mind and infatuations of a tender age. The future of individual depends on, as which party wins the fight.
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    Children at this age are to be treated as friends and only through continuous discussion in different path either through stories or through life be examples can give them a clear picture.
    Detailed study on such situations through the social media can also change their decisions.

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    Infatuation is a natural affinity emotion to a peron of the opposite sex mostly happening in teenages when one thinks that he/she is deeply in love with the other person. This happens with a person of opposite sex whose external appearance, features, company or proximity makes one comfotable and happy. Then it goes on to high level of self imaginations and self assuming that it is the deep love. The person becomes a sort of obsessive and the major part of time is spent on thoughts about other person. A feeling to meet daily and as frequent as possible, and feeling restless and depressed if not seen or met.
    The infatuated person may feel lack of sleep and lack of concentration on studies and other matters.
    This happens to those who do not have more friends and do not have any engagements like sports and other activities.
    Usually it is a passing phase. It may last for some time and slowly vanish when both persons move to wider circle of friends and involve in various other interesting activities. Sometimes the elder friends and parents or elders have to watch and wean away the person to more intersting activities and community activities so that the person comes out of infatuation and engages in more healthy mature friendships and camaraderie.

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    Infatuation is one sided. In the most of the cases it tends to be zeroed in on the feelings of attachment to the point of being obsessive for the opposite gender whose physical features have captured the heart and mind of a teenager. Infatuation also focuses only on positive feelings which make it unrealistic to keep up. It is the idea of being in love without actually being in real, true and lasting love. Undoubtedly being infatuated a teenager is engrossed in utopia all the time which results in affecting his study. In this situation healthy counselling is to be done either directly by parents or got it done by teacher or any senior person. It should be drilled into his mind that the girls like the successful person as their life partner. If he studies hard and becomes a successful person in life any girl can fall in love with him especially the girl he is infatuated with.

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    Infatuation is a natural affinity emotion. It happens in human beings in their teenage. In this age, we will not have any responsibilities. Parents may be giving is money and other comforts required. They expect their children to concentrate on their studies and then come up in life. But the thoughts of this immature and teenage children. For them, everything looks green and they will get attracted to the unwanted issues in life. In this teenage, they will get attracted to the opposite sex and get involved with them and neglect studies and they never know the impact of these activities in their lives in the long run.
    Here the role of teachers and parents is very important. The parents should have an eye on their children and observe their moments and keep on warning them about the after-effects so that they will be always in the right path. Same way teachers can also see the students and teach them the ill effects of their bad actions and see that they will be out of that Infatuation.

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    Infatuation bound to occur to every youth who pass through the teen age and this is the time they get attracted to the opposite sex, they wanted to spend more time with the opposite person, in fact they want to forget everything and every responsibility at the feet of the opposite person. Getting connected to other person is natural reaction and that shroud not be the routine work. One should exercise self control and should have the power to restrain things which should not happen when they are prohibited. If that much maturity is ascertained and followed, the youth can also sustain the onslaught of infatuation.
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