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    ISC is a platform where people can improve and develop their English writing skills

    We are at ISC. ISC is an excellent educational portal. ISCs logo is
    Learn to Earn & Earn to Learn". We all say that ISC is a good platform to develop and improve our English writing skills. For others to know about ISC, Can the members explain as to how ISC helps to improve and develop our English writing skills? Substantiate with examples.
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    A small correction Sun as I am not good at English like you but a small suggestion. If the above title is like this it will be appropriate ISC is a platform where one can improve and develop his or her English writing skill(s) instead of ISC is a platform where one can improve and develop his English writing skill(s).
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    Though there were many testimonial posts from members in Forum and even in Article section, an exemplary testimonial I found was from a member who was with ISC even before you and I joined ISC.

    I quote relevant portion from the thread dated Ist July 2010.
    "Previously, I used to mug up English compositions, grammars or letters during my examination time, but it fetched me no sweet fruit of success. I was in wonder of how to improve my language skills in English. Competitions like Debate, Essay Writing Competitions were of no value to me in schools, and used to think that I was of no comparison to others.
    After several days passed, I found ISC one day when I searched for topics of Project given to me in school. I thought such high level English focusing site would rathar bear me any positions. But soon, when I started my work in ISC with Article-writing, writing reviews, posting businesses and helping members in Forums, I noticed a great change within myself.
    Within a span of three months time, I had become more fluent in English and have started actively taking interests in activities in School which related to English skills. I was in a worry of exams in English earlier, but now I have topped in my English exam recently 15 days back. ......" Unquote

    Recently, in your thread post on completing nine years in ISC you also stated "I could improve my English writing skills to a great extent that helped me to be a creative writer."

    I cannot claim nor blame ISC on or construction errors. But as they say, 'somehow pulling on'. However I have to admit that I had gained a lot from ISC by the quotes, vocabulary and grammatical issues shared by members in forum and the leads from there which prompted me to refer more and learn.

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    There are many sites in the internet where one can contribute just for leisure or making money or taking part in competitions. You search such sites in tens, you would end up with hundreds. One can go to all those sites and gain the experience of working there. I have done that and found many interesting things about those sites. In that sequence I joined ISC also. No one has referred me here. It was just that I stumbled upon it. Here I found one thing which is not very common in other places and that is the feedback and suggestions by the editors for improving your contribution and I am surprised to note that editors here are able to edit the posts of the members time to time when they find that it is too long or having many errors or some other issues with them as per the ISC policies. In other sites, either they would not correct it and publish it or simply reject it. Please note that it takes 15-20 minutes time in correcting and editing a post. I have seen many times the note of the editor just below the post inside the brackets that the particular post was edited. This is really unique to this site and useful for us that immediately we know as at what points we have to improve in our next post. This is only one example but there are so many sections and I have tried contributing everywhere and I got the positive suggestions and feedback for my work whenever it was deficient for publishing. What more learning environment then this we require?
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    ISC is the platform one can earn and learn simultaneously. Through ISC the learning process is continues and there is no ending for learning. One can learn how to construct a sentence, one can learn how to write a detailed answer on given one word topic, one can learn how to create series of answers during the group discussion, one can learn how to create the heading suitable to the content written. One thing is sure ISC has not only helped us to regain, maintain and improve knowledge. but also given us the huge opportunity to understand and respond to those threads raised by other formidable members. ISC also made us to improve the typing skills. My speed of typing has considerably increased over the period of time and now I would not look into the key board to type fast by seeing the monitor only. All this was possible thanks to ISC only.
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    It is really a contrast in your title and the content. In the title you say that "ISC is a platform where people can improve and develop their English writing skills" but in the content, you are raising a question "how ISC helps to improve and develop our English writing skills?". I think, you can edit the title and make it as, "Is ISC is a platform where people can improve and develop their English writing skills?". I don't know what made you raise this question but yes, let the members have their answer as to what makes ISC so special and a platform to earn and learn.

    ISC is strictly moderated site and it is reflected in every post in the forum, articles, and other section. One can constantly get alerts for the correction and warnings of the mistakes. For me, it is a learning platform as I am not into reading but here, I do go through responses of members which provides everyone with better understanding of the subject and even put up their concern. I have learned new words and using "Grammarly" to correct my post and even learn about many other learning tools and platforms.

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    I don't want to raise a question in my thread title. I want to be positive to say that ISC is a platform to develop and improve our English writing skills.

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    Yes, the panel of editors are cooperative and they would encourage you to find out errors in your contributions and once the same has been corrected, submit the same. At least, they are vigilant enough to go through the entire content, but the correction part is to be taken up from your end. I think they are guided with some sort of protocol inhibiting them to hint the possible errors in the content.
    However, due to such stringent exercises of the editors, the members would make their own efforts to edit their own articles. Such an effort of the editors is to help the members to come out with the contributions devoid of errors. Learning cannot be complete unless you exert your own effort.

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    There are many articles and forum posts on ISC. By reading them with an aim to learn good English, the reading will help a lot. There are very good members who write very good English in their postings. Once we read them, we will understand how to write good English. If we spare some time to read these items we will improve our skills in English.
    Grammarly is another tool which is helping us to know our mistakes both spellings as well as grammar. If we see those mistakes we can understand the correct spellings and grammar. So we never do the same mistake again and again. Grammarly is not only for correcting the mistakes, but we can also identify and rectify our mistakes.
    Editors are there who edit the posts as per the directions given by ISC and correct mistakes. They will send us alerts and tell us the mistakes we have committed. That will make us rectify our mistakes.
    There are many examples of this. I have seen and reading the posts of many members and finding improvement in their writings.

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