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    Let's get a sense of the new normal in human relationships

    When are you going to get the "absolutely no problem" signal to affectionately hugging a cousin of the same or even opposite gender? Or shake hands with him or her? Or even simply hug your own brother, who was never to be seen for the past several months, as he was holed up in distant New Delhi and could not come back?

    24 months is the answer. Even after the vaccine arrives, there are health experts who warn that for two full years, the virus is likely to be part of us. It will attack anyone at any time. Perhaps the vaccine has to be given to every single surviving Indian. Till then, perhaps those who are a little healthy and do not have any big health problem can be saved with Ayurveda or Siddha or Homeopathy medicines as they will possibly have the immunity to keep the virus off.

    Even after the buses and trains start to ply, just avoid staying in any relative's house for at least one full year. No one is going to welcome this unless it is your own son or daughter. And the usual masks and social distancing and so on, is going to be a must. Furthermore, never ever ask anyone for money. Unless they are filthy rich, our relatives may themselves be going through the toughest of times. If you are retired and have some resources, it is fine to even rent a decent house in a village that is well connected by buses but is still remote and hence safe. Such a living with nature, even for a few months, will hopefully bring about a big change. For one, the cost of living will be far less. No pollution. No chemical based vegetables and so on. Go after such places at least for a while.

    And that will perhaps be the new normal in human relationships.
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    No doubt, this COVID 19 has made us many ways of simple living. Even though hotels and restaurants restart also we should not jump and start eating out. By any chance, small contamination will bring a problem for us. So we should not think of eating out. That will be good for health and save some money also. It is better not to visit friends also frequently by physically going there. You have phones and you can talk to them over the phone. There will not be any problem. Going for tours without absolute necessity also should be stopped. Staying in hotel rooms is not advisable even though they are 5-star hotels.
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    New normal human relationships would be the order of the day in future also as everything is going to be not in our control and we are bound to be under the social pressure behavior. If we are not following the same, the society would discard us automatically. The coming months would prove whether we have really come out of the impending danger or should fight the situation from outside. No more the state or central government would have the guarantee of saving the people, as we have to restrain ourselves from the danger zones and live safely, otherwise we are inviting our own end.
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    Changing is the rule of world. Covid19 has completely changed our life. So accepting this change we should mould ourselves. We should be adapted towards new normal in human relationship. As present situation is going on, no one can guarantee about future result. Now, almost everywhere restriction is over for any kind of activities. But no of patient is increasing very fast. So,there is great need to be cautious for it. Now, everything is in our own hand to protect family and society. So, we should follow all guidelines for safety. Wearing mask and maintaining social distance would be compulsory in future also. We should avoid outside food and get together. We should talk by mobile or meet by video conferencing instead of inviting friend at home. We should go outside according to requirement otherwise stay at home.

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