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    Have you done the mask yourself?

    Get a cylindrical kind of shape made out of your old T-shirt. Get a "naada" strip, as it is called, to get it firmly used as a mask. This Youtube video, in Hindi, is doing its rounds. Someone will get this done in other languages as well.

    Now, is this the best? There are ready-mades sold by hundreds of tailors, who have found a new business thriving. They are not the exact cylindrical types, but they seem to serve a purpose. They do cover one's nose and are quite tight-fitting as well.

    Have you made such a mask? Or are the ones made of cloth and sold in so many places, just about okay?
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    I am not comfortable with the facemasks that are available in the market. I don't like to wear a mask with elastic lines to attache with my ears. It pains me. I am just using a simple large handkerchief that covers my nose, mouth and ears, tied behind my neck. While riding a two-wheeler, I use a facemask made of cotton that covers my nose, mouth and ears. I am a good tailor to mend my own clothes. As I am far away from my native home, I could not make a comfortable facemask for me and my family.
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    I prefer to cover my face with the long dupatta that can be tied up nicely on the back of my head and is thick enough to protect the mouth. Once I am back in my house, I have to wash it thoroughly with foaming detergent. So, I am much comfortable with it.
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    I am having the habit of using a mask regularly as I worked in the Chemical and Explosive industry for a very long time. There we are using maks which are to be used in that chemical atmosphere. So I don't find any difficulty in wearing any type of nose mask. But the present requirement is different. The mask need not cover our ears. It is sufficient if we cover our mouth and nose end with this mask. This will allow not material from your nose or mouth to enter into the atmosphere and similarly, nothing from outside will enter into your mouth or nose. So as mentioned by the author we can make our own mask in our house and use it. In fact, some lady tailors are making them in their houses and selling to the families known to them. These masks are good and serving the purpose. They will be cheap and you can purchase as many as you want. So I feel it is better to encourage our local tailors by purchasing the masks from them. I have never made a mask in mu house but my wife made one for my granddaughter and she did an excellent job.
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    As Mr Srinivasa Rao, I also have the experience of using face masks and respirators as I worked in a scientific organisation where radio active materials are handled.
    However in the present situation we do not need such high precision masks . Our aim is to prevent droplets from an infected person falling on our face and enetring into our nose and mouth. So the mask should fully cover the nose and nearby parts,mouth and near by, and jaws. But it is better if the mas covers more areas also without causing any discomfort and is not loose also. A double layer using a handkerchief, dhoti cloth etc may suffice. But we should ensure that we breathe in and out through nose through filter. The mask should not be loose .I f loose, we will inhale air from the sides or above or below. That dfeats the purose. Similarly if the mask has more layers or the fibres are tightly knitted, even two layer mask wil be discomfortable to breathe and we may be sucking air from the sides or above and bottom.

    It is preferable to buy such masks which fit poperly and do not hinder our vision by extnding over eyes. This will become uncomfortable especially those wearing spects.

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    Mask should be simple and it should protect us from the germs and other bacterial infections. One need not follow the other instructions and copy the videos appearing on the social media. Our hand kerchief is the best and natural mask as we can tie the same around the face protecting the nose and the mouth and the same kerchief can be washed again to be reused again. One can have more than dozen hand kerchiefs just for this purpose only and keep on changing them daily and that can be matching to our dress code too. So let us wear the simple mask and we need not bother about what others wear.
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