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    Should the British really return the artefacts they stole

    British have taken artefacts from colonised nations and installed them in their best-curated museums. Even as early as the 18th century, British scholars and historians would collect works of art and history from various colonies and curate them. British archaeologists are one of the best and in their regime only we found out about Indus Valley civilisation. I was looking at the Indian artefact exhibit and found how amazingly some of those are preserved. On the other hand, we see how Indian museums look and are presented. Looking at Salarjung and Mysore museum, I don't doubt Indians' capability of curating museums. But I severely doubt the ability of Indians to look at history. Indian Archeology team is often criticized because of their work ethics. The British didn't take everything. They left loads, which probably are under your feet. But we instead of excavating our own grandeur, petition the British to return our artefacts. Shouldn't we first preserve the various forts and maintain our museums first? Shouldn't we excavate more? A good piece of history is lost from Indian history records. We can find about those. There are way too many things we can still do. What do you think about this topic?
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    I agree with the author. There are many monuments available in the country which are neglected by the archaeology department and are not getting renovated. There are many items which are to be excavated and to be presented to the nation. But much progress is not noticed in this area. Even our government ask the British to hand over our artefacts, they may not oblige. The History that is given in the books also is manipulated information by the British and many facts were not given there. So it is the responsibility of the Archaeology Department to dig out the facts and make the museums more attractive by presenting the information in a better way so that the students will get attracted towards the actual Indian history. Of course, museums are being maintained well but they should be made more interesting and young people should get the inquisitiveness of digging into the facts by seeing these items and monuments.
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    When the British ruled us for 200 years, they had the right to smuggle out the best things available then to them and they never returned as the mark of their invade in to our country. When the Kings were made to fight each other under the divide and rule policy, most of them has to forgo their costly jewels and crowns which the British never returned. And Nizams also lost many things to the British but never had the guts to ask back when the real government has taken over. Nevertheless, the Kings were gone, their assets also gone, but should respect the British for laying strong railway lines, constructing some best forts and laying the grand trunk road from North to South India. All these are the gift of the Britishers to us. Even so many under bridges and long Godavari Bridge which was constructed by Sir Author Cotton is the best example of Britishers gift to India.
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    This is not practical.
    The reason are:
    We do not have the full inventory of all that was taken away.
    These may be in possesion of public and private owners.
    Not just artefacts but priceless treasures of knowledge like the palm leave books on Vedas and other ancient texs are also taken away.
    What about those that have been deliberately destroyed? And those that got destroyed due to various reason?
    Sometimes I feel that whatever is now preserved and available to public reference and view, let those remain so there well protected and documented rather thna bringinghere and ignoringthem and alowingthem to get damaged and destroyed by lack of care and importance.

    I would suggt an alternative that let them all be pooled into a special museum and refernce library ,kept in that country, but let the ownership and maintenance be given jointly to both countries.

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