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    Our English may not look good to us now, but it would look excellent later.

    Generally, I don't get satisfied with my own writing. I always feel that it is substandard and not up to the mark. I don't consider myself good at English. But when I now read some of what I had written earlier, I wonder about my writing skill- Did I write this? How did I write this? From where did I get these words? etc. It is not only English. Even the letters that I wrote in Tamil to my parents, friends and relatives in my mother tongue surprise me.

    Recently, I happened to visit my maternal uncle's house. There, my brother-in-law showed me a few letters that I wrote to my uncle in the year 1967. I read it and wondered about my writing. I questioned myself - "Did I write this? How?

    Members, What is your experience?
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    This is true, even I have experienced this. Earlier letters were more formal, now it's the age of whays app and communication is more casual and open.

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    Actually we people are interested to have others appreciation and failed to applaud our own progress which may be small yet impressive. Over the passage of time we have been writing letters, conversing with people and even making good comments in English which we want to be noticed by others and be appreciated. We need not want any certificate from others. We should be fit enough to answers others questions without fumbling or taking time to answer. The improvement can be noticed by us and pat personally the same for the perfect progress. The day when we convey the things to others in their understandable way is enough to get the best certificate from them.
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    But my experience is different. When I read some of my very old writing s, I fell I might have written it in a better way both subject-wise and language-wise. As we get more experience we will become better in our knowledge. As we read more and more our language will improve. My time on ISC gave me a good chance to learn and write a better English than what I was writing earlier.
    I was having a good knowledge about Telugu grammar and I was getting very good marks in the Telugu language. But when I tried to write some poems in Telugu my pen never moved. Because of work pressures, I couldn't even concentrate on language. But last year. I sat with the determination that I should write poems and sped a lot of time. Ultimately I am able to write poems and I completed a Satakam ( 100 poems).
    I asked my father to check and correct mistakes if any. He has gone through and appreciated my writing skills. He is a very well known poet in our region. With his encouragement, I am thinking of publishing those poems as a book

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    Your learning definitely improves with your consistent interest and passion. This calls for regularity in your practice. While working inside the steel plant, I have had the Oppurtunities to see the drafts of my higher officials such as AGM, DGM and General Managers providing me their commands in the writing skills. Otherwise also, they were competent enough in their spoken English.
    I wondered how the Metallurgical Engineering could be connected with good grasp of English. Probably it was the result of their constant attending of meetings with the higher ups like MD or Chairman providing them an opportunity to refine their skills. Constant practice definitely helps in strengthening our skills.

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    Change and mprovement is a regular happening. A knife will rus if it is not used regularly. Similarly our efficiency and skills also will come down if we are not using them regularly. This is applicable for language skills also.
    Similaly we wil become stagnat and will not improve if we do not get occasions to interact with peole who are better thanus.
    A player or athlete will not improve unles he/she gets to perform with players who are performing better than them.
    As far as language is concerned, we cannot be perfect, as the standard and usage and acceptance changes. We have learnt grammar in schools or coleges. Afterwards we would not have got chance to use the written language exhaustively and get it reviewed and evaluated by people who are better thanus. So we are stuck up with the belief that we are correct or okay, unles someone points out our error and correct us.
    I am satisfied if the reader or listener can understand what I wanted to convey properly andthe way I wanted it.
    Our language gets corrupted fallingunder influence of various usages like social media. .The print media is also not stcikin for perfectio, but use slangs and spoken vocabulary too.

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    I agree, I have also had such similar experiences when I read my own write-ups, after I got to read in front of my family members, expressing my feelings and thoughts imbibed in those writings made my mind filled with joy also my family enjoyed listening to it.
    We learn through continuous writing and reading. This means help us to improve our vocabulary and styles of writing when we are asked to write under different circumstances with various scenarios over a period of time.
    Hence never give up writing, whether it is up-to the mark or not, it will just fall in pace once we take the first step.

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    Learning is a continuous process and every day in our lives we learn newer and newer things. Improvement in our language whether it is English or our own mother tongue comes with time and practice. For improvement and learning one should also have a desire and ambition so that one is motivated to do the hard work which is a pre-requisite for improvement. The strange thing about improvement is that it does not take place on its own but requires some efforts for it. Not simple efforts but continuous and sustained ones. There are some people who are not confident enough that they would improve by self study so they take help from coaching centres or tutorial classes for getting improvement in their language skills. It is very common for people joining English speaking or English learning classes to achieve this objective in their lives. Some people learn early while others take time. This is the former category which finds their earlier writings also in good form of composition.
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    What I wanted to convey to our members is not understood by many. The core point of my thread is - We enjoy reading our writings of the past years, especially during our young or childhood days. It could be to feel proud of the writing or to feel bad about the mistakes we committed in our writings.

    Do you wonder your past writings or feel bad and regret your past writings? My question is about your present feelings about the past.

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    My present feelings about the past:-
    1. My handwriting which was so good has changed now. I really wonder if it was mine.
    2. The dairy which our teacher asked us to write, the feelings expressed were really wonderful.
    May be we have lost that humbleness in our writing which will take us miles ahead of what we are today.

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