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Love sports and games, indoors or outdoors? Here's a chance to check your sporting skills through a fun quiz - and earn!
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    Academics Quadrathlon Contest – Event 4: Sporting Times

    Academics alone are not part of our education and no fun either if there aren't any interesting co-curricular activities. One of these is sports and games. So it is only appropriate to focus on these as we hit the finishing line's tape in our Quadrathlon contest.

    What you have to do: In the attached Word doc. is a very simple Sports Quiz (attachment is just below the text). The number of letters in each answer has been provided. In case the sport/game is of two words, and it is written, for example (4,3), then you need to get both correct to get the point for it. All you have to do is send me a list of the answers via email to my Gmail Id which is iscmecontests. Do not submit the answers in this thread. Once you have sent the answers, then put in an intimation in a response to this thread, so that I can check whether I have received it or not.

    The Tri-reward system: (i) There are totally 23 answers to be given and two bonus points for two of the answers, so you can get a total of 25 points, with one point for each correct answer. (ii) You will also get one cc for each correct answer. (iii) The first two participants who get all correct will be eligible for a prize of Rs.25 and 25 points. In case nobody gets it right, then there will be a prize of Rs.20 and 20 points to the first two highest-scoring participants, provided at least 12 are correct. In case even this does not happen, then the top prize (25/25) will still be given to the earliest highest-scoring participant (only one).

    Note: The answers should match the answer key. If at all there is a dispute, the decision of the jury panel will be final.

    Closing date and time: 25th May 2020 (Monday), 6 a.m. Note that the time in your email will determine if your entry is valid or not. This thread, though, will remain open till 12 noon of 25th May so that in case you woke up at the crack of dawn to send off your entry but forgot to put in a response to this thread, you can still do so later!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I joined as a member just yesterday so missed the previous events of the Quadrathlon contest. Can I still participate in it?
    Yes, you can participate in this quiz, which is the fourth and last event of the Academics Quadrathlon contest. You are also eligible to win the prize for this event, but since you did not participate in the previous ones, you are ineligible to win the bumper prizes.
    I sent my entry but forgot to send the answer to one of the questions. Can I send a fresh list of answers?
    No, only the first entry received at the given email ID will be considered to be valid.
    I participated in the previous events of the Academics Quadrathlon contest. How do I find out where I stand?
    Check the Tally Board of points which has been put up as an attachment to the main announcement thread.
  • Academics Quadrathlon Contest Sports Quiz (170511-1-Academics-Quadrathlon-Contest-Sports-Quiz.doc)
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    I have send my answers to the email provided. Kindly confirm the same
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    I sent my answers to your email. Kindly confirm.

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    I have sent my answers to the email ID provided. Please confirm.
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    I have sent my answers to the Academics Quadrathlon Contest –Sport Quiz on the email provided. Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

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    I have sent my entry for this event 4 contest at 2130 hours today. Kindly acknowledge.
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    I have submitted my entry for the contest event-4, sporting times at 10:19 PM today. Please confirm my participation.
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    I have sent a mail at 22:39 hrs today. This is my entry for academic quadrathlon event-4. Please confirm the receipt of my mail.
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    I submitted my entry for this contest. Kindly confirm the receipt of the same.

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    I have received the eight entries of all who responded to this thread, within the closing time. Thank you for your participation. This thread will be closed now.
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