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    Use sanitizer on top of the nails after trimming it?

    As we know there are a lot of different dirt particles that might hide in the Nails even after trimming it. From opening lids to digging in the dirt, your fingernails are part of a lot of tasks. This makes the nails a common spot to find dirt, bacteria, lint, dead skin cells, and other unwanted material. Practicing excellent nail care and keeping the fingernails clean not only looks healthier, but it can also help prevent the transmission of diseases. I think if we can use a waterless hand sanitizer to the top of our nails to make our nails clean after trimming it? What are your thoughts on this?
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    If you have not touched any suspected contaminated surface, you can use your usual soap and water to wash thoroughly the gaps below the nails, You can use some soft brush ro remove any residual dirt sticking there.
    In fact you have to wash your fingers and the gap below the nails every time after you use your hand for purposes whereby there is chance of dirt or gems getting stuck in the gaps below the nails. But aftr you trim your nails you may also use some common anti-septic lotions like Dettol, Savlon etc as therecan be some small abrasions or cuts in the skin near nails.
    It is always better to make a habit of washing the place below nails also whenever you wash your hands. Sanitzer may be used if your aimis justto disinfect and there is visble dirt on the hands. For example you have started travelling from your home after taking bath ad cleaning your hands well. Now you stop to take breakfast at a wayside hotel. For convenience you can justuse santizer on your hands before eating. But suppose your hand have greae on them aor some dirt from the wet road fell on your palms- then you have to wash your hands with soap and clean water. You may or may not use sanitizer after this.

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    Yes. It is a good precaution. Even though we wash our hands many times with soap and water we may not be reaching dirt that is in between the fingertip and the nail. To avoid any risk using a good sanitizer is a good idea. When you trim the nail if we clean the hand with soap and water. Then applying a little sanitizer will keep the nails in clean conditions. I feel it is better to use hand gloves to our hands always. Before we go for eating we can remove our hand gloves and clean thoroughly and eat. After eating and washing again hand gloves can be used. When we go out we should make the habit of wearing a mask and hand gloves without fail. That will ensure the cleanliness of hands.
    Another way is to clean the place between the nail and the fingertip with a small pin so that no dirt will accumulate. Many times people never care for these finer details and think that they are maintaining very good cleanliness. In these times of problems, we should not neglect any small issue also and see that we are sure of practising all precautions.

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    We have to keep an eye on all our movements with whom we are conversating, from whom are we buying groceries and vegetables. Our whole body should be like eyes.
    We have to keep our selves clean and stay away from all human beings. Earlier mother used to suggest children that he or she is a bad boy or girl do not mingle with them, stay away from them. Now mothers have to say mingle only within our family members and do not wonder around with other family members. How man has become an enemy for his own mankind.
    We have use sanitizer to wash our hand as well as our nails. You can also use gloves when we are going for purchases outside our house. This can be used and thrown. Also limit our number of visits to the outside world.

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    When we are in the schools we were taught about keeping clean and that includes the keeping clean of nails and how to cut it to the low so that any no dirt or any residue of bacteria can take shelter. But after Corona infection set in, the people become more health conscious and in fact having one sanitizer ready in the pant pockets so that the cleaning can be done often and even in the nails top area. Cutting the nails every two to three days is the must so that no chance is given for any germs to set in. In fact having a gloves in both hands and that would save us from any germs. Now that the present virus is not going to leave us that easily all the precaution measures we come across through news papers, social media and even ISC, everyone need to follow the same for our safety because this virus is not seen with the naked eyes and precaution is the only way to get rid.
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    I strongly recommend a special toothbrush to clean your nails with toothpaste. After cutting the nails, and whenever you feel like cleaning your nails, apply little toothpaste on your toothbrush and brush the gaps below the nails. While cutting the nails, if you happen to cut the flesh by mistake, apply Dettol and place Nebasulf powder on it.

    Sanitizer is not required. Ordinary bathing soap would suffice.

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