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    Which proverbs or sayings come to your mind in this lockdown situation

    Proverbs are treasure pearls of wisdom worded in catchy and crispy way. They help us to grasp the related matter easily however serious and complicated it is. Apart from using proverbs to lucidly explain something we also resort to them on occasions to express our lament, justification, helplessness or incorrigibility of something.

    The current lockdown situation has prompted us to recall many proverbs to explain or self console the situation we are now in.
    The first one I recalled was 'Man proposes God disposes". What all were our programmes and plans? But now...everything has gone phut!
    The next is "Adversity and loss make a man wise." I am not sure whether humans will stay wise once the adverse times are over. I am also reminded of "Prevention is better than cure".

    What all proverbs came to your mind and you quoted in the current lockdown period.
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    "Nib it from the bud " - We failed to do it in February when we came to know in January. If we had a lockdown in February itself when corona just entered India, the situation would not have developed like this. Corona would not have grown in India.
    No life without Sun

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    There is a proverb in Telugu. This will go like "Chavuki pedithe lankhananiki oppukinnatu" The meaning is that when the patient goes a doctor if the doctor says you will get cured, but don't eat food till next two days, the patient may not hear. Ok Doctor said it will be cured in two days and advised me not to eat. But what happens if we eat he thinks and come to a conclusion that it may take three days. Then he will not stop eating.
    But if the doctor says, the situation is not good. Getting cured may be very difficult and you may die. But I will make an attempt. Please use these medicines and don't eat food until the temperature comes down. Otherwise, you will be nearing your death fast. The patient will get afraid and will not eat anything.
    When the government was very strict everybody was in the houses only. The moment they started giving some relaxations people are becoming more active and getting on to the roads,

    always confident

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    In this Covid 19 lock down situation one proverb in Tamil always lingering in my mind. It says Edhuvum Shashvatham Illai, that means nothing is permanent. That means we are living in the temporary face of curbs and soon the situation could turn out to be normal. In fact such shock treatment is necessary for the mankind as we tend to waste time and waste things, and this lock down has taught us a lesson that we should used everything with care and limited so that we need not approach anyone for help. And more more proverb which happens to be my forum footer- Idhuvum Kadandhu pogum, means even this challenging time would fade away.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Did it not come to anyone the Akbar-Birbal quote " This time also will pass"?

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    The first quote that came to my mind was the footnote put on Mohanji's post, "Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum " which means "Even this challenging situation would ease or change.
    2. To every thing there is a season which means for every situation there is a time frame and it will pass as the season changes.
    3. A stumble may prevent a fall. This is somewhat related to the one quoted by Sun. At this present situation, we all are worried about job, financial crises, etc but we can just think that it is better to bend a little than to have a great fall. In the same way, if we can control a bit of our expense and other things, even the worst can be survived.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Practice what you preach:

    Leaders should also follow guidelines of lockdown

    Two wrongs don't make right:

    Blaming game between ruling and opposition parties is of no use.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed:

    Good people are helping needy people during lockdown

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    Covid-19 is a catch 22 situation for us. We are out of the frying pan but in the fire. This is a precarious situation. If we go for lockdown our progress is stalled, if we relax the lockdown the spread of diseases increases. This situation is grave and as there is no cure or vaccine so far, the future is uncertain and fearful. We are sailing in the roughest weather and we can only say that we do not have many alternatives in our hands and our options are very very limited. We are standing at the danger line as to our one side is devil and other side is deep sea.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Arafatuzzafar @697653,
    You have not only quoted a proverb, but are uptodate also.

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    Where you are be there-this was the first rule suggested by Prime Minister which is still not followed by most of the citizens.

    A stitch in time ages nine-just as our member suggested an action taken care in time would reduce our work to much lesser when compared to the later.

    Practice makes man perfect-we all know that we should use sanitizers, masks and keep social distancing. If we practice we become perfectly ready to throw away this virus.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away-Eat healthy and nutritious food to build immunity so that we can fight at the initial stages and keep the doctor away.

    Lead the leader

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    Arafatuzzafar has submitted a interesting observation that the leaders should also follow the rules of the lock down but invariably the ruling party MP and MLA's are violating across the country. One MLA son goes on the horse riding defying all the set rules. One MLA distributes the essentials at the mosque where in there was total stampede. And One MP conducts lavish marriage as if the lock down rules does not pertain to them. And one leader ask the faiths to participate in the funeral procession not even wearing the masks. All these proves that the leaders are the gross violators and each has to be booked and sent to jail.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I remember some phrases or sayings which fit aptly in present situation. First is the sweet are the uses of adversaries - as we are learning many things from the present crisis and these learnings would bring good results in our lives. Next is if there is a will there is a way. Even in this tough situation we are able to search some solutions to survive. Though these are difficult to follow still some ways are there to safeguard ourselves. Another one that is also very relatable in this situation is God helps those who help themselves. So many sayings and proverbs are coming in the mind related to the present crisis situation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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