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    Is happy-go-lucky attitude good or bad?

    Some people always believe in observing the attitude of happy-go-lucky. It sometimes makes a situation light-hearted, and also solves an issue in a jiffy but at times, such carefree nature can be a root cause of deep trouble. If it is not good to remain puzzled and tensed all the time, then it is also right that a person should not have a casual approach every moment. Happy-go-lucky persons will never value the problems around them, won't give importance to time and always ignore the approaching difficulties. If you look around, then you will see that a carefree person does not bother about the future. To make some important decisions of life, one has to be thoughtful. Tensed people are always overcautious, which usually do not allow them to enjoy life freely. Although they remain in fear, they consider life seriously. On the other hand, people who lack seriousness take everything for granted.

    In your opinion, which approach is right: To be serious in life or not to be?
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    We have to be serious when we face certain situations in our life wherein we have to take the action and speak for it then and their else the attitude if the other person whom we are facing may continue the same habits in future.
    We should not continue the same seriousness through out the day as there are other people around us who would have taken our style if working as their discipline. Hence we have come back to normal. Our behaviour changes from person to person, place to place and situation to situation.
    If we contradict one with the other we may face the consequences and feel disheartened at the end of the day, so is the life.

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    Carefree people enjoy withouttnsion because there are manyothers taking tension and responsibility and doing things. The word runs with those who are sincere and serious in their duties and responsibilities.
    As far as ther is some one to take care of and support any one can be care free.

    Being pleasant and lively is different from simply happy-go-lucky without taking anything in proper seriousness and importance it demands. Some experienced and mature people can hide their tensions and worries from others who are in no way connected to the matter. Similarly when they are in positionlike mentors, guides and real leading positions they should not show tensions and put up a pleasant and calm face to them.

    The qulaification of a happy-go-lucky person as per this thread is "Happy-go-lucy way of living will never value the problems around them, won't give importance to time and always ignore the approaching difficulties. " Normally this is taken a irresponsible behaviour.
    One should be properly serious and give any matter importance and priority it deserves. One need not be over tense, but should be aware of reaonable risk and difficulties and overcome them with focused efforts considered solutions. One should be realistically confident and should be presenting a pleaant and calm face to people. They should be jovial and approachable to others in spare times and whenever tehy can.

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    Happy the man, whose wish and care
    A few paternal acres bound,
    Content to breathe his native air,
    In his own ground.
    (by Alexander Pope)

    Both the types of people are there and each has its own pros and cons. A serious person would not take anything lightly as he would link everything to success and money. His mind would be on the end product far in the future. He would have a longview of life. At the same time he might get stress and worries due to over thinking for his future and future prosperity. That is the price he has to pay for those ambitions and aspirations. On the other hand a carefree person says that let us enjoy the life today as we do not know what would happen tomorrow and even if we work hard today what is the guarantee that the future would be rosy. So do some work but do not take any strain and live carefree is the mantra these latter category people follow.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What is the life without challenges and sad moments. By failures in life we try to find the way out and also keep that experience in mind for the future. But when happiness is the way of life for some and does not care the impending challenges nor they take light of what is happening is nothing but lethargic attitude and not taking the life as it comes in. Some people are not habituated to shock and sad moves in lives and they are not even informed about the same by their parents. That is too much on the part of parents giving pampering to see that the child should not confront the bad moments of life But there are people who know the ways and means to come out of every challenging position of their lives and they cannot come under the do not care brand, That means they would not make the challenges as big as thought by others.
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    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One has to act as per the situation. When the situation demands seriousness, if you go with a carefree attitude you may be in a problem. Similarly always be in a serious mood is also not good for our health. So I feel a wise man will act as the situation demands.
    When we are facing a serious problem we should be serious and we should apply our mind and concentrate on the problem. Try to make a root map to solve the problem and follow the root map. Then only you will be successful. instead of that if you don't care about the problem and take a happy go lucky attitude, you may be lucky or may not be lucky and you may have to face failure.
    When you are with your family forget the official problems and be happy and take things easily and be happy with the family members. Instead of that you bring all your office problems home and be serious in the house, your family members may get upset and they will also lose their happiness. So try to be as happy as possible in the house and spend a good time with them.

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    A person who is called as "happy-go-lucky" is a carefree and relaxed person, taking life as it comes, without caring about future. His motto is "Everything will work out and we'll all be fine,".

    His quality of resilience makes him cool even in unfavourable circumstances. His natural instinct keeps him alive and hopeful. Generally this type of person is also liked by the people for making them happy and cheerful.

    I don't think that this nature of insouciance leads a person into trouble, rather he will get into any problem because of his ill act. Lalu Prasad Yadav is the best example

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    When we talk about happy-go-lucky attitude, it is very difficult to find people to have such an attitude as we either get happy or sad as per the situation and circumstances. Very few people are able to have this happy-go-lucky attitude in their life and that too with practice.

    I happen to see a video of Satguru having a rapid fire round with Karan Johar and the questions asked were very similar to the so called happy-go-lucky attitude and the answer gives shows a contend and relaxed person who has no and wants but is happy about being in the position and world.

    Sometimes we think we need to enjoy life as others do and on the other hand we carry stress of what tomorrow will bring which actually takes away the joy or happiness of today. As mentioned by many, let us face each day as it comes and enjoy the present with a happy-go-lucky attitude. Let us face every situation with a smile and enjoy being present as nothing is permanent and as time passes so also the circumstances. So let us be prepared to take life as it comes and enjoy the good and face challenges with wit.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Having a happy-go-lucky attitude is not a sign of laziness or resistance to work. It is only a personal characteristics. So it is not necessary that a happy-go-lucky person would not rise in life or not get success in his career. It is necessary to work in our lives as without that here is no progress or no recognition. At the same time it is not worthwhile to take so much of workload and things on one's head that one has difficulty in managing oneself. Too much activity can sometimes generate fatigue and stress in one's life and it is necessary to take a note of that condition deterioration in which would not be a good thing for our health. We must take some fresh breaks in our lives and pursue our hobbies leading to happiness.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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