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    How to deal with a child who says he can’t study?

    As a parent, do you worry about your child's lack of interest in studies? Share your personal experiences and how you overcame this academic-related problem.

    Does the title, at the first instance, bring to your mind a stick (may not be for parents of the present generation) or cutting off his extra-curricular activities or taking away his mobile or laptop (particularly for parents of the present generation) and so on? Hold on.

    Most parents must have faced this issue and it is definitely a cause for worry and most of the time the solution we try to find would be as to how we can make him study. We generally conclude that either he is not interested or that he is shamming or try to find mistakes with the school or his teachers and at the most, we might try to console ourselves saying that his intelligence is weak. And all our efforts would be in making corrections in that direction only.

    But how many of us think why he can't study? Even though we are in an era of technological development and has so many avenues to find answers and clear our doubts and also claim that we know better than those who did not have such opportunities, we still do not find it necessary to think as to why a student says that he can't study or don't want to study? Why our answer to the question as to why his marks are low still revolves around his laziness, lack of interest, or the incapability of his teachers? We, many of us, may know that there may be other reasons which make him a poor student but we still find it convenient to focus on the answers provided before. There are actually many reasons that make your ward a poor student.

    Have you ever thought along those lines? Please share your experiences based on such conclusions, elaborate on the steps you took to help your child overcome the problem, and also mention the final results you got.
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    Not every child would be interested in studies, as some have the leaning to singing, dancing and even mimicry and other activities. Some children want to become great sports persons and even actors. But we must tell the children that without the help of some basic education achieving the goals of life is not that easy. For example Kapil Dev has shared his one of the most embarrassment situation during the world cup winning in which he was the star player with stupendous performance but being not educated fully he had the fear to face the International media and their questions but anyway he could able to manage. So the same situation would happen with everyone and tell your child that we are not expecting excellent performance from him but gain the required knowledge to fight with the challenges of future.
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    Normally students hesitate to sit for studying rather to play. Parents are not alert nowadays as of earlier days. In olden days uneducated parents also did visit the class at frequent intervals and ask the teacher about the developments. Nowadays parents so confident as well lethargic to care their children. Many children in this lock down period left by parents with mobiles and totally ignored them. It is feared many children would have forget their subjects as they do not sit for study during this lock down period. Parents should make their children to sit at least two hours in the morning and evenings to recollect their lessons.

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    I do not know whether a child will express so openly and clearly that it can't study. The child will show some signs that it is not interested in studies or that it is anot able to understandthe lesons. The child will try to read or write in presence of parents or teacher, but will turn its attention to some otherthing immediately on their moving.
    The parents may compel for sometime and if the situation does not change the parents wilallow the child to slep or play or leave just like that to itself.
    But if the same is the case next day the parents may threaten or may even give the child some slaping or pinching etc. There may be thratening to withdraw some luxuries like toys, play, sweets and toffees etc. Theremay be battles everyday inthe home. Fearing punishment the child may do something and may show some inmprovement. That is all. The parents will leave it to fate, or ascribe it wrong school, wrong friends and curse or scold the child too being useless.

    But alert and vigilant parents should visit the school and meet teachers to know if there is any reason behind. They should check if the child is disiterested in only one or two subjects study only or in all subjects. Parents should also diecreetly get these info from classmates also.
    Then if they do not get the correct reason for the problem, they should may take the child to doctor and discuss the matter. The doctor may diagnose some nutrition deficiency, sight issue, hearing issues etc if any.

    I am saying this from my experience.

    Whe my son was in second standard, we found that he is not interested in his home work and will become sleepy soon after openig the books. We checked with his teachers. They also said he was not attentive in class of late.
    We first thought it may be due to lack of sleep or lack of good food. But immediately one day we saw him slowly moving to the TV screen to watch the scenes. Even if we pulled him back, involuntarily he would move towards the screen little by little.

    That gave us thetrigger. We sensed that he may be having short sight.We did some preliminary checking like showing him smal aize letters, big size letters small size drawing,big size drawwing etc and felt that he had shortsight. Immediately we took him to the doctor and he confirmed. The doctor wondered how w could identify this, because most parents did not know or care.
    He was given specs. Very soon he started to score centum and became the top student in his class. Hoemwork became his priority after coming back home from school.

    This experience helped us to help my brother's child also. The girl was scoring very low in her exams. Parents and teachers used to punish her. When she narrated this to my wife she immediately told me and suspected short sight.
    We checked and found that the child could answer the oral questions correct. So we sat and taught her some of the lesons which she did not answer in exams. writing them in large font . Then when we gave the quetions she ansered them correctly. We then asked could she see clearly what was written on the class board. She said no. once ortwice when she told the teacher the teacher did not care also.

    We complled the parents to take her to eye doctor. Alas, she had acute short sight.She was given spectacles. Now she is the top scorer and best student in her class.
    She told this to her class teacher. The teacher met my wife and appreciated.

    Parents and teachers should be aert and vigilant and apply commonsense and eliminating methods to fiind the real reason behind a child's disinterest in stuces.

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    It is said that a person does hard work and takes interest only in those activities in which he has an interest or passion. Unfortunately, in the human society academic possessions are necessary before choosing a career line and to that extent we have forced minimum academic qualifications to be achieved by the students and insisted that they have to anyway acquire that. The student sees that there is no way to escape from the studies as only after a bare minimum qualification he can leave the academics and start his choice of work. So, they are forced to go for basic education though they have no interest in that and then somehow with sad faces and continuous banging from the parents and teachers they would complete the education with some marks just to get declared themselves passed in the exam.

    During this phase all of us feel that they are not taking interest in the studies and are negligent or lazy. It might not be so. There are many cases in History where people did their schooling reluctantly but then became very successful in some line of choice and were much more successful than their studious classmates.

    A student can tell that he is not interested in studies due to various reasons - he might be a dullard, he has no interest in studies, he might be clever to avoid working hard for studies and living under discipline, he might be in a bad company and has no interest in making his career, he might not understand the value of money etc. Some of these situations could be corrected though it would not be possible to resolve all.

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    Why does a child say he can't study? There are many reasons.
    A child may not be getting interested in some of the subjects he is studying. So he may try to escape the class. He may not be able to tell openly that information to the parents. But when we closely monitor his performance we can understand that he is not interested in a subject which is making him to avoid going school. This should be done by the parents as well as the teachers. Once we make observations, we have to sit with the kid and try to make him understand the importance of all the subject and we should see that he will bet interest in the subject. When he goes to higher studies he can avoid that subject.
    Another reason may the student may be getting fear because of the tough attitude of the teacher. In this situation, the parents should explain to the kid that that teacher is good and he will be serious only if you are not concentrating on the studies. Once the Kid understands this he will go to studies without any hesitation, I feel.

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    We need to go a little closer to the child when he says he is no more interested in studies. It may be due to various reasons but he does not how this should be expressed before his parent. The problem/ problems could be fixed with the medical check up and the reason for his disinterest could be revealed by the doctor. Distant vision may be one of the problems distracting him from his further studies. Black - board is the essential tool in the teaching medium and the teachers solve the problems in the form of writing the same on the black board but for a child lacking clarity in the vision cannot be sorted out unless it is examined by the doctor. The other reason may be due to excess slippingness in the class session. This may be due to anemia or physical weakness. The other part may be due to his excess fearness with the teacher may be because of his loud voice, hitting students to discipline them, subjecting the students in the nail down position etc.
    Hence without going through this careful exercise, we cannot fix the issue with which he is suffering from. A careful analysis is the only solution to revert back normalcy.

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