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    Eid Mubarak Greetings to all

    If I am not mistaken, Eid al-Fitr was celebrated yesterday to mark the end of Ramadan. Though late, Happy Eid Greetings to all! Wishing everyone a happy and joyous festival. Stay safe, and wishing you good health, too.
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    Today is Ramadan in Hyderabad. All the offices are closed today because of Ramadan. All are celebrating the festival safely by staying in their house. This year because of this COVD 19, the Ramadan month is not that active on the roads like any other festival. Muslim friends celebrated the month with a lot of respect and without violating the norms of lockdown. I wish all the members and others on ISC a happy festival day and I wish them a safe stay in the house and happy festival
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    Eid is one of the biggest festival time when people exchange Eid good wishes with each other. Traditionally in our villages it was earlier observed with Eid fairs and opening up of temporary Eid shops where people could go and purchase their choice of goods. In cities people celebrate it with common meals and wishing each other a happy Eid time. I also take this opportunity to wish happy Eid and prosperous Eid time to all the people observing this festival and enjoying the spirits of friendliness and love in this auspicious Ramadan period.
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    Eid Mubarak to all ISCians!

    Ramadan was celebrated in some parts of the world, including Kerala and Oman, yesterday and it is being celebrated in the other parts today. Since it is the sighting of the crescent moon that decides the day on which the festival falls, it has been so for many years. The centre has also declared a holiday today on the occasion.

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    One day before the Saudi Arab celebrates the Eid and in India the festivities are celebrated today only. On this occasion I convey my best wishes and happy life for all those who had been fasting for the whole month of Ramazan and this day is the celebration Eid the festival which brings Hindus and Muslims to close exchange their bonding of friendship. unfortunately I am missing lots of friends stay put in old city Hyderabad and we used hug each other to say Eid Mubarak but the changed situation made us to maintain the safe distance and hence conveying the greetings through words.
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    As the day is decided as per Moon sighting, it may differ in different places. The local religious heads are authorised to decide on that.

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    Haleem (I think a chicken or goat or sheep meat exactly I don't know) is not only eaten by Muslim religion which is a dish prepared in Ramdan festival but also liked by other religions(other than Vegetarians) by the people of Hyderabad and in other areas or region people. There different forms or flavors of Haleems available in market Pista Haleem, Ghee Haleem, Badam Haleem consumed irrespective of religions(except strict vegetarians).
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    Happy Eid to all.

    May God bless you and your family with happiness, prosperity, success and sound health.

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    Wishing all ISCians and their family members Eid Mubarak. Let the moon shine so bright that it take away the sorrow and pain in our lives and gives peace, happiness and tranquility.
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    Today being Ramadan we are not able to see the groups together for prayers. Their unity was always a welcoming approach but by remaining in their homes also they showed the same unity.
    Wishing all the ISC families and Muslim's of India a happy Ramadan. Let us awaited for a united prayer by next Ramadan.

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    I wish all Muslim members of ISC and its visitors a happy Ramdan festive celebrations. I wish all of them to celebrate the festival in a safe and peaceful way at their home.

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