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    How to give suitable catchy headings to your essays and articles

    Headlines and caption are given special attention and importance, especially in journalism classes. The heading or photo caption should make the reader read the article or photo story.
    Today a caption in an online news portal "Birth in berth" prompted me to read the full report. As you may have guessed it was that a woman gave birth to a baby girl while travelling by train.
    For journalists, there is a need to optimise the use of space hence need to optimise the title and make it apt, short and catchy.

    In ISC also you would have experienced that certain headlines and titles catch your attention especially. However in posting online content, like in ISC, the rules and tips may slightly differ.

    In the article "Good article writing Tips' author Vandana says: "Select a good title -Always keep the title of your article short. It should not be such a long string of words which a search engine is unlikely to pick up. Even a single catchy word can sometimes be more effective than a title with multiple words."

    Another article in ISC says: "Keyword-rich Headline will make the article highly traffic."
    This article gives some tips about headlines for ISC articles.

    We should also avoid ambiguous and confusing titles like the examples given in this thread
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    Yes. It is true. If the title is catchy we will get interested in reading the entire content. This trick will be used by almost all newspapers. The heading should be in such a way that there are some words in that which will make the article search engine friendly. If we see some scientific papers, they will give you some keywords. That paper will come in your search when some of those keywords come in your search criteria.
    Too big headings will not be very interesting. But short heading will be more catchy. In ISC of the heading is very small, it will not accept. it will say the heading is very small. So we should take care of that length of the title also. Giving a good title is also an art. All writers can't do that, Even though they make a very good article they can't come out with the best title for the article. This depends on the taste and understanding of the author.
    But I will definitely say the title for an article is very important and it makes a lot of difference in getting more readers for your article.

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    Previously the directors and producers want a catchy title for their movies for that they announce reward programs in Magazines and newspaper for who give catchy titles for their movie later this got extended in so many areas and is used the same concept now in Newspaper headlines and breaking news in broadcasting media...
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    Title is what attracts the people at a first go to the article. If article heading is catchy or straight in it's meaning then it can invoke interest in the surfer or the prospective reader. Many times we write a long article but when it comes to putting a title then we struggle a ;lot. Everyone wants to give one's article a specific and attractive title but it is not so easy without practice of writing crisp and precise phrases. 'A journey to Mars' looks better than 'Let us go to Mars' or 'let us learn about Mars'. Giving a relevant and appropriate title requires a lot of experience and practice of writing as well as possessing some writing skills.
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    The thoughts should bring comparisons with the heading or caption. Choosing captions are really important to get members attract to the threads.
    There are so many articles with almost same content but as suggested the heading grabs our attention and others just fade away in the ocean.
    Picking up the best vegetable or a fruit is an art by a home maker, similarly grasping the minds of readers and organising the thoughtful words is an art by the writers. This is also one of the reason books of a certain author is sold for the first time as the reader get acquainted with the write up then they tend to follow by the name of the author rather than the caption.
    So first impression is the best, to get good readers attention.

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    A content writer can give his best through creating a article on any subject but his impressive writing may go waste without proper or catchy heading. Some Telugu news papers and Tamil News papers are great in creating heading and they spend one sheet for the heading itself as the hand out print pasted on the news paper stand so that the readers should buy the paper. The best heading my father is to say often when the Sampson and Denilla movie was released and to attract the Tamil audience to English movie the poster had this message, Sambasivanum Sasileelavum, and that totally misleading but yet catchy to discuss here.
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    Whenever I write something say a story or passage then the difficult task is to give an apt heading. There are so many options and alternates and we have to select one which truly depicts the matter in that passage. Sometimes that is a time taking activity to decide a good title.
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