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    Does the upwardly mobile class show any empathy?

    They are from the IITs and the top NITs. And further from one of the IIMs. Or from the big brother, who offers terrific competition to the IIMs these days -- the prestigious Indian School of Business ( ISB). Even a fresh NIT engineer would comfortably draw around five lakhs per annum and many, even much more. None of them are satisfied with just the engineering degree. They qualify themselves even further.

    There was this interesting question about this highly paid class, most of whom are now holed up in their cosy homes in every metro or even mini-metro city, with all comforts. Their English is too good and they often converse mostly in this language. The question being asked is this: has this class showing a little care for their very unfortunate brothers and sisters? Not merely the migrants, but anyone in their neighbourhood, who just does not have the money to buy food?

    Are they doing something? We hear so many good stories. But not about this class. We do not hear anything about any good donation by this class, or any act of offering cooked from this class. They live in fabulous localities like Anna Nagar and Besant Nagar in Chennai, Banjara Hills in Hyderabad and the HSR Layout or J.P. Nagar in Bangalore. ( this city has many other posh localities too)., In normal days, these guys shop around in their shots and pay the highest premium for any product, without any hesitation. In particular, I have found the HSR layout to be an extremely costly place for fruits and vegetables.

    What have they done? Members may share their experiences.
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    People show empathy and sympathy and do help others in one way or other directly or indirectly. I take that the people you refer as upwardly mobile class also do the same.

    Many people may not be doing help, or showing empathy the way you wanit or look at it.
    Many of those people may be members in some philanthropist organisations, NGOs, or contribute individually in private when they see some appeal in whatsapp groups or FB etc. There may be many who do not want to tom-tom what they do for charity. There may be many who sponsor some noble acts or participate in them voluntarily in some way.

    I do not agree with you in alleging and accusing a large group and tarnishing their reputation without proper justifcation.

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    I have no reason whatsoever to disagree with what Venkiteswaran sir has said in this connection. The title of this thread itself and the content therein smacks of an inherent ill will and an awkward bias which is also apparent in some other threads by the author. If they are employed in big companies and are drawing a high salary and are living in posh apartments located in posh areas with all the facilities, it is their qualification and capability that allows them to do so. Why should we feel bad or jealous of them? The decorations provided to them by the author rings a negative tone which should be avoided.

    Sivakumar, just because you do not know, because you have not read or heard about it, you have authoritatively concluded that people belonging to a particular group (Class? Definitely not) have no empathy towards their brethren who are in need. I won't say this is the unkindest cut of all but yes, it is surely irrational and unfair.

    Let me tell you that I personally know so many who are from that 'mobile upward class' (as you chose to categorise them) who are part of NGOs, most of them have their groups and they have ways and means to help out people who are in need. Such charity is in addition to the donations they give and the personal help they provide to people who need help. They may remain aloof for different reasons but I have seen that they always form part of the chain whenever the society was in need.

    I feel it is high time the author changed such beliefs and concepts. To base your conclusions on one or two whom you know and to make a general allegation that amounts to defaming a group, in general, is certainly an unacceptable trait.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    And those who show empathy and sympathy for others need not print hand outs or but big banners to say that they care for others. There are so many high class people who are helping out the people individually or reaching out to those who need the help urgently but they would never reveal to others. By the way what is the rule that one need to help others when their own relatives are not taking care and discarding them. The society has become more selfish and in the coming days people would be minding their own business and reaching out to others would be limited and even nothing. Such is the situation created during the last two months, that people does not want to keep the relations nor call their friends to say hai and hello and probably they think that they would be bothered in near future for the help.
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    Saji Sir, I just raised one point. My own son belongs to this class. I know for sure that some rock solid work in terms of cooked food, duly funded by his friends all over India, is being distributed to 500 people who are poor and destituted in some part of Bangalore. Of course, they have not even made a single noise of it.

    Yet, what I wanted to stress is that with the kind of money that they have, they should support community awareness in a big way and support the poor for another 12 months till the vaccine is out. Am not jealous of anyone. This particular class is hardworking and intelligent. What am advocating or would like to see and hear from this rich class is a proud statement, the likes of which have already been made by people like Azim Premji.

    And rest assured, in your native State of Kerala, the community kitchens are doing such a fabulous work. All that I would like to see is the community kitchen supported by the rich in every street of India, for another 12 months, till the vaccine will totally arrest Covid and everyone will be free to work

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    In the time of adversity, everyone thinks that the upper or rich class should contribute help to the poor, destitute, and the affected ones. We cannot demand it but as a matter of fact many of these English speaking people/ local language speaking people are already doing a lot of contribution and help in this matter. If some of them are not doing then there are many rich who are neither IITians nor MBAs and they are also not helping and instead keeping their money in safe deposits. So, in each category both types are there. I want to add one important dimension here that before blaming the higher strata of the society let us first see as a good parent what we are inculcating in our children for this helping the poor attitude. Are we teaching them some good thoughts in this regard or not. Children learn these things from their house and once that is inculcated in them they would always be helping the needy. So as a parent it is also our responsibility to bring up our children in that fashion. Are we doing it? If not then from where they would learn the feelings to help others.
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    There are many people who helped without any advertisement. Many people in cities, villages and towns helped in many ways possible to them. But they have never given any advertisement or news items to the newspapers. In Hyderabad some such people whom the author referred are known to me they have given many donations to various NGOs who are helping the needy during this period of crisis. They have donated money to PM and CMs of two Telugu states funds for providing help to the sufferers.
    The money what they earned from their hard work has been spent on helping the needy. But I have not seen anywhere a single politician donating for helping the suffers. They received cheques from various companies and presented to their CM as if they are giving from their pocket. Many newspapers published this information.
    Even small jobholders also in various parts of Andhra Pradesh donate food to the needy by collecting and contributing money.

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    A coin has two sides and so does humans, be it rich or poor. You are to some extent correct but at the same time wrong. I had today only responded to another thread wherein, I has shared how people in our society are helping the needy through help of NGO. You can read the response here and at the same time how many privileged are misusing this crisis.

    We are around 600 families in our society but only 100 families have come out to help, so I cannot label the entire society as unhelpful or ungrateful. Same goes for the super rich people too. There must be many who must be helping but at the same time many must have been enjoying the comfort.

    One solution/opinion doesn't fit all. Not only Government is helping needy people but privileged people too are helping others. Many have contributed in cash or as donation and many have helped in kind.

    There is so much diversity that forming an opinion of some will not be right. I am not defending anyone, as I have seen the ugly side too.

    I, although agree to the fact that, those with too little resources have done a lot and those with a lot of resources have done very little.

    Live before you leave.

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    Perhaps the wording in the text was too harsh. I am not against the class. My own son belongs to this class. I jolly well know that some members of this class also donate to some good trusts that are doing very good social work. However, to minimize the magnitude of the suffering, we need to open community kitchens in many places, even in places that are the "green zones". Take textile retailers. Even they have sacked workers. Take small budget hotels. Even they have a shut shop and all workers sacked. This is the vulnerable class. Whatever little can be done, should be done. It is not a charity. It is empathy. It is the sort of care that is so fabulously shown by the people of Keala.

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    I think people from different classes especially who can afford have contributed in the PM cares fund and there are many agencies which are raising funds and materials to help these people. Moreover some religious institutions are also coming up to help in their own ways. It is always there that some people would not come ahead to help others but slowly they would also see the trend and join the fray.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Sivakumar, the point is not about using harsh words or otherwise. The point is basically about forming and asserting a blanket opinion about people in a particular group based on bare knowledge and information. If your son belongs to this group and he or others, might be his colleagues or friends, have not contributed as per your expectation, that does not mean that none of them had made any contribution. What you said in the main thread and the explanations you provided in the subsequent responses does not, as usual, match, it is rather contradicting.

    Providing food to the needy by offering subsidised food or opening community kitchens ( repeatedly suggested by the author in the threads One, two, three and so on based on almost the same idea here) can be done by each and everyone as per their ability irrespective of their financial status.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    Saji Sir please remember the community kitchens here and elsewhere are able to run only because the cash and kind have come from various people. I think you have once again misunderstood the issues.

    The magnitude of the crisis is now much more serious. I have just mentioned in one of my responses about people in hotels or textile showrooms who have lost their jobs. They do not have any money or savings. Fortunately, a few of them do some business like selling small amounts of vegetables and so on. Those who are desperate also need cooked food so that they are not hungry.

    My son and his friends have been quite active and are doing a good job of feeding 500 people. Please note that there are also people who have lost their jobs; they have no money to pay rents. They have even opted to go back to their villages, but this is also not possible. They are not allowed to go. So, they have taken up odd jobs and have shifted to smaller and cheaper locations. Social distancing has gone for a big six.

    You must remember that only the very rich can afford to come out with more money and help organize the community kitchens to feed thousands of people. You must understand the problems of the lower middle classes everywhere. They have lost hundreds or even thousands of their jobs. The Govt rations can only help them to some extent.

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    Sivakumar, I don't think you got my point. Firstly, I wanted to tell you that arriving at conclusions based on isolated instances or mere bare information is not acceptable. Secondly, my reference to community kitchen at #697748 was just to remind you as to the number of threads you have raised about helping the needy, the role of the society, the contribution of the rich, people losing jobs, alternatives available to them and so on.

    Also, I don't understand why you need to zero in on Kerala to make a point every time. It is not required.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    If the person is generous and have capability to donate he will take part in the excellent work of charity regardless of which class, group or social status he belongs to. What the author has said in his OP is based on his observation and experience. What I've experienced is that most of the people donate for show off or benefits in tax etc. It's also heard that some donors put the condition before the donee that amount-figures on receipt should be as per their demand i.e. much more than what the amount would actually be donated.

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