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    Easy to construct a house but difficult to build a temple

    In our life, a house is a must for all to live. It is easy to construct a house or buy a house, but not a temple. A temple is also a must for worship. We all visit the temples constructed by our ancestors or the rich kings of the past. Very few have their own temples. No one thinks or prefers to construct a temple to own and worship. One should be very fortunate to have their own temple. My family that has 300+ members constructed a temple in our village. Alongside the temple, I am fortunate to construct my own simple temple for my family deity by spending Rupees 2 lacs. It was my father's wish to have a temple. Before I could construct a house for me in 2018, I could construct a temple in 2010. I consider it as the blessings of my family deity.

    Members, Do you have one or have you constructed your own temple with your hard-earned money? Share it.
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    Here is my small little temple of my deity ATMA
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    No, I have not constructed a temple but my approach is different. I don't have any wish as our ancestors has already built one but some renovation is required about which I had spoken earlier in one of the contests in ISC. There are so many problems to renovate from the localities, the paper work, follow up and so on. We are struggling to clear the problems but from past two years, it is in the final stage. The amount is also sanctioned but a few people are holding the pillars. We are just waiting for the devotional blessings of the diety to show us the paths towards success.
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    Temples are for collective gathering and prayers. To have the aimed effect from temples ,they should be managed and maintained as per the sytem based on which they are built and consecrated.
    Hence individuals do not try to construct temples now.. Construction of temles are always a colective community effort. Kings and Emperors constructed temples as a multi use structure for the physical,mental and spiritual well being of his people. Many temples functioned as a place of shelter during war or calamity. Temple became a place for art and sculpture. Such constructions gave employment to people.

    Indian community abroad have constructed temples abroad even in the recent times. Similarly people who go to other states and reside there coectively build temples to the deities they were worshipping in their native states. Thus we can see many Ayyappa temples and Muruga Temples of Kaali temples inmany States. Their expansion and modification or renovation also take place.

    Nowadays we have a separate place or room for prayers in our homes which is the individual temple. The chaitanya or the positive energy from a temple arises out of the traditional rituals well performed and the collective prayer by devotees. Now we give priority to conserve and well maintain the temple with their true spiritual significance and a place of collective prayer forpeople. For that we give contributions. Many of the private temples (constructed by individual families) have gone into dilapidation in modern days.
    Hence there is no need to construct new temples from individual families.

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    For the ordinary people to construct a temple is the distant dream and it does not sync with their form of activities. What I feel when we construct the house, it is our property and our wish to slowly add the construction process one after the other according to our spending abilities. Whereas the temple construction belongs to a community and help of everyone as the donor needed. And those who donated high wold have the say on design and elevation and the looks of the temple. And those who donated less feel that they are not cared for the noble cause they made. So all these personal grudges makes the temple constructions slow and even stopped. But I appreciate the author the author for constructing a temple for their family as promised to his father. Good thought and that would make every one proud across the relations.
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    Temples are for the community prayers and should be open to all. Many people may not be able to construct their own temples. In the house, a room will be constructed for pooja and will be called Pooja room in which we will have our diety and we will do our daily rituals and prayers in this room.
    I never constructed a temple on my own and hence I have no personal temple for me. In our village, a rich man has given 5 acres of land and constructed a temple for Dhanvantari ( The God of Ayurved). The temple is very well maintained and it is purely a private temple of that family. Now the temple is having about 10 acres of land. The priest will perform pooja and distribute Prasad to the devotees who come to the temple for Darshan.
    Constructing a temple is a very big issue and I am happy that the author constructed a temple.

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    Personally, I do not have this blessing of constructing a temple of my own but yes my parents have built 2 temples at my native place. I a big temple for general public and one small one at home for family only.
    Add to my misery, I am not even staying at my native place now but, in metro for job and yes, I have been able to buy myself a flat here. I won't even be able to do so as owing a land here is like owning a gold mine. Although I will try to build one in future at my native place before I bid goodbye to this world.

    Thanks for bringing this up, as it has made me rethink and have more clarity of what I should do in near future.

    I will try to share a snap with you all when I visit my native place.

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    We have not got any temple constructed for our own use within or outside of our house. What we have done is in our village a big temple was constructed for whole of the villageers where people can assemble and have discourse or religious songs. For this purpose a big varrandah was constructed on one side of the temple. Nowadays, there are regular functions going on there and villagers are happy with this. There is an attached kitchen also where food is also prepared on select occasions for the devotees. For construction of this temple all the villagers plus those who have settled outside contributed generously and it could be constructed with that good amount of money. I happened to visit there only a few times but it has become a very serene and nice place for the villagers to have religious activities. I prefer such group activities for construction of a temple which is accessible to all.
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    If you go back and read the history of temples, you will find that so and so deity appeared in the dream of a King, and ordered him to construct a temple for Him. The king had to oblige His order and construct a temple.

    In my case, when my father went to a place to get some construction material to build a house for us, the deity from that area (She was supposed to be our forgotten family deity of our forefathers) boarded the bullock cart in which my father was carrying the items. She was not seen. When my father reached near our home, he saw a small little cute girl getting down from the cart and running towards our farmland and disappeared. My father wondered and realized that it was his family deity Thillai Maakali who came with him in his bullock cart. He decided to offer a place for her in our land. He placed a stone there to resemble the deity, and performed the rituals. However, he could not construct a temple for Her. After many years, while he was on his death bed, he asked me to construct a temple on that spot. As per his wish, I constructed a temple and performed the rituals. On the day of Kumbabishekam, I offered prasadam to my father and said, " Dad, Today is the Kumbabishekam day, I fulfilled your wish." My dad ate the prasadam happily and left for heaven on the same day.

    This is what my own temple story.

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    Great effort by the author. His devotion is noted here. It is really a very difficult to construct a temple. There was a real story in Tamil. There was a devotee,named Poosalar, in a village called Thirunindravoor, who had a strong belief of Lord Shiva. His name was Poosalar. He used to worship a Shivalinga in a temple less shrine, near to his house with much involvement. Though he was very poor, his intention was huge. He was intended to construct a temple for Shiva. He by annoying his inability but without give up his intention, he daily construct his own temple in h is mind during his meditation. Finally on one day he completed his temple mentally finished and fixed a date for its consecration ( kumbabishekam). As he did this by his thought only nobody (other than him)knows. A king of Kanchipuram who really construct a temple in his area for Lord Shiva and fixed date for consecration which fall on the same day fixed by the Poosalar. The night before the day of consecration Lord shiva came in the dream of the KIng and said that to postpone his consecration to another day as He is planned to go the temple consecration of temple constructed by Poosalar. Heard this the king shocked to know a temple was constructed without his knowledge in his reign, so, he decided to move there to see the consecration. He went Thirunindravoor and saw that there was no temple and on enquiry he wen to the house of Poosalar and enquired about that. He,Poosalar agreed that the day has been fixed for consecration and he did the consecration in his mind as planned but he overwhelmed that Lord Shiva told his consecration to the King. The King appreciated his real devotion and assured to construct a temple on the place he intended by his own as well he invited Poosalar to the temple consecration which constructed by him. The temple which aimed by Poosalar and constructed later by the king is in Thirunindravoor, near Thiruvallur of Tamilnadu. Shiva if this temple is called as Hrudayaleeswarar as the temple initially constructed and consecrated through Hrudaya (Heart). can be referred to know about this temple.

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    Pattabhi Sir,
    An excellent story. You narrated it well. It is true that the grace of the Almighty God is also required for construction of a temple. In my case, the deity is very effective and powerful. I brought the holy water from her shrine and placed it underneath the base (Peetam). After placing the holy water (Theertham) there, I just said, " Oh Mother, If you have really taken your position here, show me a proof." Immediately after saying this, I was thrown and fell flat. It was a wonderful experience. That incident made me to have more trust. Every year, I spend Rs. 50,000 for the Pooja and development of my temple. She is a presiding deity of Vijayapathi, a sea shore shrine where Raja Rishi Viswamutra had gone on penance. It is the only Viswamitra temple in India.

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