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    How life will be if the earth has lost the gravitational force?

    There is some news coming from different sources that the earth gravitational force has got reduced. As the gravitational force has lost by earth are we still alive? What happens if the earth has lost the gravitational force? What are the advantages and disadvantages that will have if the earth lost its gravitational force? One thing will be sure whatever we throw that will be hung in the air but will never fall down. Knowledgeable members, please share your valuable thoughts in this. How life will be if the earth has lost the gravitational force?
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    We can just imagine only.
    But we have now proofs from humans landing on Moon. Moon has mcuh less gravitational force than Earth. The videoclips from Moon showing the astraunauts landing and walking on Moon shows how they just wobble or 'jump and float' to some extent. But I feel that had they been there for more days they would have learned to adjust to the leser gravitational force environment too.
    So if we conduct athletics on Moon most of us will be long jumpers and high jumpers in comparion to Earth. Nobody will worry about 'overweight', because weight is felt due to gravity and as the Moon's gravity is less we wil weigh less.

    So if we extent these to an imaginary situation of Earth losing its gravity force, then also human ingenuity will find some solution for that. All other creatures may either adapt to the nature's property and features and may live or perish.

    But the other scientific consequences can be, Earth will be drawn towards Sun or any other nearby planet exerting its gravitational force on Earth. There can be a collision of Earth and Moon also. There can be a holocaust also. Or the Earth may settle into some different orbit and the Supernatural Force which we may call God or Mystery Nature will find a way to balance evrything and instead of Earth, life may sprout and progressin another planet.

    Probabaly a new cycle of Creation may start and evolve.

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    As per the scientific knowledge as on today the gravitational force is known as an entity which keeps the material in universe in a particular synchronisation in making them move in their trajectories or paths as well as keep them bounded within the periphery of their constituents. The most amazing and mysterious of all is the gravitational binding which keeps material together in shape of planet or star or moon/ moons of a particular planet. Science is yet to know the real mystery behind this gravitational force as how it is created and what is the actual phenomenon behind this gigantic force keeping such giant bodies stable in the space. So with this background if we consider that what would happen if Earth would lose its gravitation then it is definitely a conjectural question but there is no harm in assuming this just for the sake of curiosity. First thing is that whether this is going to happen only with Earth or the whole universe. If it is going to happen with the whole universe then the answer to this question is total annihilation of the material in the universe leading to unpredictable situation and if it is only going to happen in Earth then Earth would start losing all its bounded material one by one into the space and as no gravity is there slowly the Earth would simply melt away in this space time continuum like a solid wax in a pot of molten wax. Without gravity nothing would work on Earth as keeping things attached to Earth does not arise as Earth itself would be is on a disintegrating spree losing all its material in space around it.
    Knowledge is power.

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    A very hypothetical thought. The entire world is doing its business because the earth is having gravitational force. If it not having that gravitational force nothing of the present activities going on here on the earth will happen. The apple will never fall down and Newton might not have come out with his theory of gravitation. Similarly, we might not have any chance of walking on the earth and we might not have any activity on this earth. The ball hit by the batsman will be there in the air only and it will never come back and hence there will not be any chance to catch out.
    Rain from clouds might not fall on this earth and I don't know where it will go.
    Some scientists may find a way to get attached ourselves to the earth and we might have got accustomed to a different type of lofe. These are my wild mindless thoughts when I thought of no gravity force on the earth. Just on trhe lighter side only these thoughts.

    always confident

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    First of all it is the rumor which is going round the social media that the the earth has lost the gravitational force. If for a while we think that it is real news, then the danger is staring at us. Because the earth would lose the balance and that would gives rise to earth quakes and the big projects and buildings are bound to crack and even fell as the placards and even the rail lines and roads would get damaged. Big factories and cell phone towers may collapse and there would be wholesome loss of life and the redevelopment cannot be possible that urgently. So let us pray such things should not happen.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #697690 It is written in AndhraJyothy Newspaper that earth gravitational force has been reducing. From this source thread has raised. I don't know about Social media and I will not use smartphones till date. I will follow facebook but never raised a thread basis on that(Belive me or not).
    Probability a theory based on Assumptions and Negativity(Elimination). It is used in the evolution of atomic theory.--- Bhushan

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    It is a hypothetical assumption and if it comes true no one knows what would happen. What we read in our school science is that gravity is holding everything on Earth and if it is not there noting would stand on its own as it is today.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This hypothetical question is quite scary. No gravitational force means- all oceans, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, animals of land and see, human race, cars, buses, trains...etc will float away into the space like the tumbleweed.

    End of this planet... !

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