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    Deadly revenge by a gullible friend

    There are instances when there is a friendship between a proud, arrogant, and aggressive person with a simple, well mannered and gullible one. No doubt it is a bad combination but sometimes such rare combinations occur in society. I was reading a story by the great author Edgar Allan Poe in which a very peculiar and strange case of revenge is depicted. There are two friends having the rare combination of above mentioned characters. The arrogant one always insults and humiliates the other one in open public places and many times shows off his richness and wealth through ill manners. The simple person generally smiles and just keeps the friendship going. But everything has its limits and one day the simple fellow decides that enough is enough and invites his friend to a old underground liquor cellar where there is valuable old whiskey is stored. The arrogant one mocks his friend that how he would be going to pay for such costly whiskey available in the cellar. The simple one tells him that he had made some arrangement and they would go there in the late evening when the watchman closes for the day and leaves the cellar. The greedy arrogant accepts the whisky offer and goes with him there. The simple person offers him many drinks on the way and the arrogant one is already under the spell of that and was yearning for more. Deep inside the cellar the simple person had arranged some bricks, cement etc and some iron chains near the back wall where some iron rings were attached to the wall for fastening of liquor cases. This deeper part of the cellar was uninhibited and was neglected as no one went there. The simple person had done all the arrangements in advance and now he simply tied his arrogant friend on the wall and then started placing bricks and mortar to bury him there. By now the arrogant was taking everything as a joke but when the last bricks were being put he cried with deep pain as he realised that the simple fellow had taken his revenge of all the bad behaviour, insults and aggressions he had done to him in past. Do you think a friend can go to that extent?
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    How they are friends I don't understand? They are different type of friends I think. If a rich person and poor person are friends means that the rich person has to help the poor when there is a need. If a strong person is in friendship with a weak person means the strong person has to provide protection to the weak person. Then only we can call them friends. Otherwise, they can't be considered as friends, in my opinion. The proud man and the simple man are not friends. They are known to each other. The simple man is allowing the other person to talk whatever he likes as he has a fear for him. But when the other man is going out of limit he tried to take revenge. If you try to beat the cat by closing all doors and windows also, it will revert back on to you but never succumb easily. So for anything, there will be a limit, The simple man lost his patience and taken the revenge.
    Friendship definition is getting changed with this type of friendship.

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    The story brings to us one big lesson that the friendship should be on equal grounds and there is no need to underestimate other friend in one guise or the other. By under mining the opposite person always would bring the anger one day or the other and that would be the final day of friendship. And this story also tells us that we should not take it granted that other person is weak and he does not have means to degrade us or attack us in future. The person should not test the patience of the others and one day it would burst as big as nuclear weapon and that would be the last day of friendship.
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    As a piece of fiction and story it seems very impressive and well planned revenge. I do not know whether in real life situation one can go to that extent of burying a known person, however bad he might be, onto a wall in an underground building.
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    I think this story gives wrong message. It justifies the killing of a friend by his friend, a psycho (because only a psycho can take this type of revenge). The arrogant person who's been depicted as a villain spends his money abundantly and his greedy friend enjoys the 'free feast' equally as well. It appears that the rich man doesn't regard him as his friend but a sequacious and obsequious person, nor the other one finds his friend in rich man, rather, he's a sponger whose greed keeps him sticking with the rich fellow.

    This mean person keeps on preserving the gash of humiliation for a long time. Gradually, over the time, he changed himself into a psychopath as well as sociopath. He feels happiness instead of remorse for killing the man who spent his money on him.

    He shouldn't be called a gullible.

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    Somehow I could not read this thread fully. However I tried, my mind did not alow me to proceed further. So I tried to read at random here and there and went to the last few lines. I just dwell upon the first couple of sentences as quoted below.

    "There are instances when there is a friendship between a proud, arrogant, and aggressive person with a simple, well mannered and gullible one. No doubt it is a bad combination but sometimes such rare combinations occur in society".

    I think this is an imposible happening. Unless the arrogant person helps the other person in cash or kind or taking care of his needs in some way always, no simple and well mannered person will continue such friendship with a bad mannered person.
    It will be his 'majboori' or helplesness that makes it happen and continue. It will be by the same helplessness when the humiliation and tortute goes beyond tolerable level that the humble and polite man also tried to respond as a last resort. There is also the proverbial "last straw"

    There are sayings like 'Dushtane kanda doore vilagu"- keep away if you come across a 'dusht' or cruel or bad man. Had such prevntion and caution taken, such untoward reactions would not have happened.

    But I am not able to understand what message the author wants to convey by this thread? Neither the title nor the message conveys any purposeful mesage. For thread ending question, there canbe always two answer 'Yes ,or, No" as per one's experience or knowledge from rading af from media reports.
    I wish the messagethe thread intents is 'Avoid friendship or company of bad elements'. Like the many fables in Panchatantra tales or Aesop's fables.

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