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    Do you have a park in your close proximity?

    A park is a great place for lot of activities. It is great place for people to relax, to go for regular walking, amusement for children to enjoy, old people to gather and chit chat with others etc. It is a place with lot of greenery which provide lot fresh air to breathe. In our colony we had good park. It has a good walking track for people to use it for brisk walking and jogging. It had lot of flowering plants and trees to provide fresh air. In the park there is even library where we can read news papers, magzines and books. There are also rooms for yoga practice.In the morning and evening the park is with full of people. During festival times some programs also will be conducted in the park. Members share about your park provision in your locality.
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    We have two parks in our colony near our house in our colony. Both are in walkable distance. Sometimes I used to go to one of the parks for a morning walk. One park is a big one and this is not having much greenery. But there are many play items for the children to play. Many senior citizens used to come here and have their walk.
    The other park is a very good park with full greenery and very well maintained. There is a track for walkers. There are play items for children. There is a fountain and there are tables for people to sit and talk.
    This park will be always busy and evenings and early mornings the park will be very active. Many people come and discuss here. The senior citizens spend a lot of time in this park. There is a small house in the park and the caretaker will live in that house with his family and he will be responsible for maintaining the park neat and clean. It will be under GHMC and they will be paying him the salary also, I think.

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    There are so many parks in our town where I live and most of them are well maintained by the local administration. Near my house there are 3 well maintained park and 1 was in neglected state. Some of the seniors in our area took a challenge to clean it and make walkable and make it a place for seniors to meet in the morning time. Slowly many seniors came in and joined the fray. I am happy to share that this became a very clean and prominent place for the seniors especially in the morning and evening time and those who wanted to walk or do Yoga did it there. The efforts of seniors to renovate and revitalise this park were lauded by the locals and many of them provided a contribution for arranging water tanks, hoses and other items for keeping it clean. We had planted some trees and flower plants there and it has really come up like a beautiful park. The cooperation of local people in renovating it was really amazing. Before lockdown, I was regularly going there to water the plants but right now we are not going out and just waiting for the opportune time after this crisis, when we can go back there.
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    We have a good park maintained by GHMC Hyderabad and the park has the walking track amid flowers and greenery all around. The walking track has been laid with the mosaic flooring and the walkers are advised to walk on the flooring only. There is a space for thick grass flooring for the walkers to gather and indulge in laughing club activities. Though the park is small, but is the good place to see the colony people daily and exchange the pleasantries and also know about new members. Most of the colony meetings would be held in this park which can easily accommodate 72 families of the colony.
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    I happen to live in a society and it has its own well maintained park with track for jogging and badminton and basket ball court. It also had children play area and a community hall with gym and recreation activity.
    Although, as a kid I used to visit public park near my home but had to face few issues as there were all kind of people who even used to litter garbage and fight between young boys was a common scene. Being in a society park feels more safe and clean.
    I am sure, not everywhere it must be same but, I had a bitter experience and I avoid going to public parks, whether big or small.

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    There is no earmarked area as Park in my town. Probabaly it is because the town has not become a concrete jungle and there are still some vegetation and greenery in individual houses.
    To see and visit a real Park, I have to travel for 35 kilometers to the nearest city.
    In our town we have a stadium and there aare a few flowering plants gron on the sides. A smal playing area with a dew trees and plants is available in the nearby primary school, but only the school children are allowe and that also during school time.

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    We have a few parks around our housing complex. Normally they would be full of people and a lt of activities
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    Yes, a park in each side is available near to our house. My wife used to go for walking there till her death. I used to take my brother's daughter to the parks in alternative days after returning from the school. I ask her to play as her wish. I let her to play in sand also. One day a lady who accompanying with her daughter told me not to allow my child to play in sand. I told her that if we resist the adamant will be created in her. Instead I trained her to wash her hands and legs after play in the tap of nearby temple. She, after seeing her washing regularly, accepted.

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    I come from a small town. The town has only one park located in Nagar Palika Parishad. Once upon a time there was a beautiful fountain and garden where people would like to spend their time with their families but the fountain is now the part of history.

    This park is mainly used for marriage functions and all the guests use this park as if it is their own. Who can stop them from changing the park into a garbage dump when they are paying the charges for using the park.

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    Unfortunately, I do not have a park near our city home. For me, the Railway station which is just 100 meters from my home is like a park for me. I sit and watch the trains passing. The station is free with no passenger train movements before 0730 hrs and after 1930 hrs. I make some free quick walks, rest on a chair and get into the dream world.

    Fortunately, when I was studying in Xth and XIth std, I had a newly constructed park behind my home in Tamilnadu. It was fitted with too many light points. It had many plants to provide shades. It has the facility to walk around. Since my home was not electrified, I used to go to the park for studies under the pole light. I still remember the good old park. Its name was Rozi park. Now the park is not there. It is a multi-complex now.

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    During my school days, while living in Bokaro Thermal - an unit of DVC, I have had two parks near by my locality and each was superb in the sense that the authorities took enough care for the little kids with the provision of different tools which could make them busy throughout its normal opening time. Both the parks provided lush green trees on the peripheral area of the park and cleaning job taken up the administration was certainly praiseworthy. For the senior citizens, it provided a stress free environment where they used to play playing cards with the selection of groups and some also enjoyed the vigorous walking especially in the evening hours between 4.30 pm and 6.0 pm in the winter and with a slight modification of the timing in the summer season by shifting one hour later for both the timings. The varieties of flowers such as Rose, Lily, Marigold, Jasmine etc enhanced its glory.
    Still after a lapse of fifty years, these parks have not diminished their magnificent looks because of excellent supervision.

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