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    Is betelnut good for health or not?

    From ancient times onwards people in India have the habit of using betelnut along with betel leaves and lime. They thought by taking this will help in good digestion. Some people have the habit of eating betelnut quite frequently. People say by frequent eating of betelnut will damage teeth. Scientific research indicates that betelnut include some carcinogenic substances in it. So there are different views with regard to health benefits of betelnut. Knowledgeable members please share your views with regard to betelnuts goodness and bad effects to health.
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    In South India there is a habit of having betel nut powder along with betel leaves often and after every function or marriage the guests are entertained with traditional pan which also has the betel nut addition. What I came to know from the elders that those who have regular betel nut , their teeth are going to be damaged sooner or later and those who regularly take the betel nut , the blood of them going to dry fast and thus they would get the giddiness and fatigue often. But betel nut powder would help in digesting the food we take during the functions and marriages and that is the big advantage
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    Yes. Many people eat this beetle nut powder especially with beetle leaves after lunch and dinner. It is believed that this will give good digestive power to the individual. These nuts are alkaloids and release adrenaline when chewed. This is may make the person feel happy and well being. There is no clinical reports are confirmations about the medical aspect of this powder.
    There are claims that this material will fight cancer. There are suggestions that this material is having a cardiovascular and digestive issues. There are beliefs that this material is anti-inflammatory. But no medical publications or proofs for the above claims.
    But this habit of eating betel nut powder with beetle leaves coated with lime will spoil our teeth and we may have some yellow patches on the teeth. One has to go the dentist regularly for cleaning.

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    Betel nut (Areca nut) has medicinal values in certain contexts as per Ayurveda.

    Betel chewing with Betel leaf and betel nut is traditionally taken as good for digestion ad helathy teeth and gums and also preventing bad breath.

    Children and unmarried adults are not permitted betel(paan) chewing. It is allowed only for married adults. It is a part of marriage rituals among certain communities for newly married couple to mutually give the bete-areca nut combo for chewing for first time. Thus the combination of betel and areca nut signifies and benefits fertility.

    Betel-arecanut combination is used in all auspicious occasions. Betel-arecanu combination is one essential item to be honour guests. It is a symbol of hospitality.

    'Thamboola Charvanam'-betel chewing is prescribed as one of the Dinacharya(daily routine) in Ayurveda protocol.

    It is a post-lunch habit for people to chew the 'Sugandha Supari"-scented arecanut. This gives a temorary energ boost. But I have heard from my elders that it is not good to eat areca nut alone, and it should be taken with betel leaves and lime)chuna).as paan chewing. They said that eating regularly only areca nut can cause anemia. Taking areca nut alone will make the tongue and mouth rough and less moist.

    Betel-areca nut combination is taken as a symbolof honouring or respecting and is known to be there in traditions of many countries.

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    Betel nut if taken with betel combined with fennel,lime,and some sweet spices can provide you digestion relief because of presence of certain amount of alkaloids present in the nut. This is the ancient prescription and the same is still popular. After each meal, the wives used to offer Betel containing the right blend of spices including the betel nuts. We have heard from the elders that such an offering by the wives enhances their existing bonds of love and attachment.
    However, we need to see its negative effects as well. If betel nut is used alone and is chewed constantly with its masti cation, the salvia so formed is enough to damage your set of teeth if proper cleaning of the teeth is not taken up immediately after using the betel nuts. Though there is mention that it may produce the cancerous effects if addicted with its constant chewing. However, medically it has not been established.

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    Usage of any item will differ from place to place, country to country. When I analyse the usage of cooking oil, I cannot find the groundnut oil, gingely oil but for that we should not panic as they are not used in other countries. We cannot come to a conclusion that getting oil in loose units from manufacturing and selling vendors as prevented but they are actually good comparing to the vendors of packed oils. This is the news spread by such vendors or manufacturers.Similar to that the chewing betel nuts and betel leaves are very common in middle parts of Tamilnadu and certain parts of Andhra. Those people,except very little percentage, are not affected much in spite of their continued usage. For city people it is new so, they afraid to use, Generally speaking betel nuts, betel leaves can be used with a limit as that inducts a good digestive power. Consuming coffee tea also dangerous only if limit is exceeds.

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    We discuss this type of threads in the past. I will supply a link regarding this.
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    Many people take it along with betel leave and other ingredients in form of 'paan' and is very popular especially in North India. Some people are much habituated of it and go out to the paan shop for it specifically. There might be some health benefits but what I understand is that chewing paan is not good for our mouth, teeth and gums.
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