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    Is it necessary to give importance to brands name in buying goods?

    So many goods what we use in our daily life were sold in the name of different brand names. Some of the items in some brand name will be sold at low cost than the other brands. Generally people think a brand selling with high price has more in quality than the brand which was selling at low cost. Whether the items are kirana goods, clothes or electronics we give preference to brand name. Is it true that because of good brand name the quality is good and because another brand that has not much well known is inferior in quality? Members share your experiences with brand names and their quality.
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    There was a time when we couldbe sure about the quality of Branded products. Then therewere only few brands and they were established reputed companies. They were very conscious of their brand name and reputation. So they were putting attention to quality.

    However when many players entered the field and there came many brands of the same product, it became difficult. Many companies especially the big brands, put priority on turnover and profit. They depended not on quality, but on marketing with glamorous advertisements, catchy jingles and promotion by celbrities. They created a make belief that the celebrities cosume these products. However they loaded all these marketing and advertising expense on the price of the produt. They started giving attractive 'offers'.

    But many small and middle scale manufacturers who did not have the where withal or reach for expensive advertisements did not advertise that much. But they depended on quality, word of mouth publicity and repeat buys. Hence they could sell cheaper than the big brands.

    Hence now we cannot say with certainty that big brand name and big price means good quality.
    We should buy and test the quality by use . However in certain products like costly appliances etc it is better to go with established brands and companies . It is not good to deal with those who give only the web site and email address,but donot give the postal mail address or geographic locality in full.

    My experience for example in the case of detergents is that the big brands go on increasing the price very slowly and consistently by one rupee or two rupee every month, every batch They do juglery with words like Premium, Ultra etc. I have seen that many local brand detergents are very cheap but have more or less the same quality as the big brands. The same case is there in the case of soaps, dish washing liquid, floor cleaners etc too. So at least in items which we buy regularly we should use and compare different brands and then settle for the best or optimum vis-a-vis price and quality.

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    I don't think it is important to give undue importance to branded equipment. The brands we hear today were also not branded at one time. They maintained quality and the customers were happy with the material and they started asking for that material. That is how they attained branded status.
    Similarly, we should search for new company products and select the best quality material from that and see how they perform. Once they perform well, we will continue using and other people also and then that item of that company also will become branded.
    Think of Patanjali products. They are not got the attention of the consumers. But slowly people started using and their products are performing well. Now Pantajali products are branded.

    always confident

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    Market is flooded with brands of different makes. Those items which are of specific nature are sometimes available under local brands also and as the brief description is given about them in the containers. Generally the top products from reputed dealers are of good quality and there is no hassle of returning them if found inferior then the products here.
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    All these years we got fooled and being forced to go for a particular brand and actual it does not matter at all. The over advertisement of a particular product and people queuing up to purchase the same product again and again must have forced all of us to buy the same product. On seeing this, our PM Modi has hit upon the idea of having our own local products matching to the quality and looks of the same product. For example the Chakki atta what we used regularly can be had from the wheat powdered at the flour mill and that turns out to be cheap. But some MNC's have penetrated into this business has hit upon the idea of giving the same Chakki fresh atta concept in their packed quality with hiked price. People are ready to pay for the nicely packed items and finding the words new or fresh. And to add further pep they are mentioning multigrain atta. Is that so ?
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